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  • Cormyria (US1)Cormyria (US1) Posts: 1,807
    edited 21.01.2016
    The purpose of this thread is to discuss the Server Of War. Although I want to stay neutral :neutral:, I still want to point out that KoN has earned his spot on the rankings "they probably had made mistakes" but still no one Is perfect.

    What I want to point out is that other players have accused KoN subs of "bullying", Now KoN has countless subs and expecting them to be PERFECT is almost impossible. KoN subs have always crossed the line even when Main KoN tells them not too. 
    THE MISC, I have seen posts on the forums saying that when "THE MISC" was on the top, players hated them too. Now all of the sudden everybody wants to go against KoN or they really, really dislike them. Like I said before, MISC is just going to think that posting on the forum is winning.

    Solution: KoN just "surrender" they already lost, and If they want property just don't give it to them. Just defend until they realize that KoN does not give a [email protected] about them. Let's hope that THE MISC realizes that KoN isn't going to give up property nor are they ever going too.

    What kind of dream do you live in LightSwayer? KoN will never surrender the only way this ends is with KoN falling because if MISC and TORCHERERS fall more will rise so the only way this ends is with KoN and all of their lousy subs falling.

    HE is right you know FREEDOM is an IDEA so even if one of us falls ten more will only rise to take our place ... until EVERYONE is FREE there will be no PEACE for tyrants and no rest for the wicked ....

     "Not dead which eternal lie through stranger eons DEATH MAY DIE"....beckon the call....
      If PEACE is not your OBJECTIVE there is NO REASON to go to WAR ...

    NOW SERVING  up TWO FISTS full of JUSTICE ..... @ Five Points Congregate ....

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    If all strong alliances like Horde, The Ninja Pack, Bad Company, The Black Flag, TOWER, Hard Knocks, and others stopped wimping out and teamed up against Neph it would all be over.
    Possibly.  But... why?
    A good portion of their strengths are because of the KoN/MISC war.  (In more than one way, so think it through before you reply to that).

    So I'm curious if you want that because you believe the stuff MISC proponents say on here while KoN stays silent?  Or is it because you actually see KoN hurting TNP, Bad Company, etc.?

    (No deflections please, and you know who you are, lol.  I'm asking about this from the perspective of those other alliances.)
    I have observer the server war, listened to both sides arguments and stories, and come to the conclusion that I don't like KoN. Neither of the 2 options you listed is right. I do not believe most of the the things MISC ppl say here and I have not seen KoN hurting Bad Company and TNP, but I do believe KoN is a liar.
    Oh ok, we will hurry up and drop what we are doing to help you guys....We have no dog in the fight, why would we care? Also Manatee is correct, easier to rank high in events when everyone is fighting each other.
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