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So I have two forum accounts?

My forum account changed after the new forum came out. I had 59 comments and 1 discussion. When I went on the new forums I had 0. I thought nothing about it, I figured it was because the new forum. Then I searched my name and I found my old posts. 

Here is the link to my discussion from my old account:

can anyone explain this?

Lord septimus @us1

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  • Okay thanks for the answer! But it doesn't seem like a glitch because I can "see" my old forum account. Idk 
    Lord septimus @us1
  • Your forum account is the should be the same as your Empire account
    Marty Maurder @ en 1
  • Yeah I know, but its weird that they "separated" and I had new forum account. Idk but anyway this thread was dead for awhile and I already accepted furtures post as the answer.  
    Lord septimus @us1

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