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The Pumpkin Headed Dragon Slayer.

        This story starts on a dark rainy, windy, night deep in the woods ,  a knight lost thrown from his steed, losing his sword, takes off his helmet.   He hears a sound unlike anything heard before.  Coming toward him is vision of horror.  A huge shadow of a dragon slayer with a firey eyed pumpkin for a head. Wearing black leather, chainmail, & armor covered in bloody remains of its last kill.  Lifts it's flaming sword to cut off the knight's head. But he jumps out of the way just in time. The knight named Will runs as fast as he can & finds a cottage near an old Inn The Unicorn House.  He knocks on the door, & an old woman, opens the door, yes replies the woman.  Panting Sir Will, tells the old woman his tale of horror.  The old woman, a witch smiles at him she says yes I know that was my son Sir Black Heart Bart the dragon slayer, he rides thru these woods on All Hallows Eve looking for heads.         Feel free to add to the tall tale of horror if you dare.  Ah come on don't be scared he won"t take ye head off or will he???????????????  Air fills with sinister sounds of mornful howling!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want ye heads!!!!!!!!!!! HHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • boooooooring
  • NickDude (US1)NickDude (US1) Posts: 4,268

    I don't see you doing better.

    By the way, great story! Keep it up!

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  •  Why thank Lord Taggart, for your vote for tall tales,. Some may say they're boring, but they need only put away their drills Ha ha. Those that can do, & those can't will never inspire anyone. As the old saying goes, sing if you're happy!!!!  & smile & the whole world  smiles with you,  cry & you cry alone.  I like to see folks smile, to have joy in even the simple things of life. Viva La Happiness for all!!!!!!!!!! :DB)<3o:);)B)<3o:)                                                  B)B)B):D:D:p:p
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  • I kinda like it. Your detailed descriptions ect.. is nice.
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