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The New Frontier



  •                    Timix, still watching as the dark hooded figure rode off.  He'd tell his brother Thomox , what he'd seen, & also let him know that the enemy, Roland was dead.  For Roland had been, nothing but trouble, robbing, killing, & doing all manner of vile deeds.   Timix had picked up a blade with a pearl handle, that Roland had dropped.   He'd show it to his brother, to prove what he said was true.    As Timix was walking along, an elf warrior stepped out of the woods,. What've got there, lad? asked the elf,.    A fine blade I found, what's it to ye,?    Ah, so you think, you can talk to me that way? well lad, prepare to defend yourself.    The elf leaped at, Timix .   Swinging his sword, & missing for the lad was quicker,.   Ah to slow, ye be stated Timix,  as he rolled right, & come up under the elf.  Timix, thrusted with the blade, as hard as he was able.   It  went in deep into the belly, of the elf, a look of horror & unbelief crossed the elf's face.  Timix, was staring at the blood, pouring from the wound,.  He'd never killed anyone or thing, before.  He was just trying to stay, alive.    Why did this elf, attack him?  He'd never seen him before.   He pulled the blade free, wiped it on the grass.   He was shaken, what do I do now? he asked himself.    Looking down at the lifeless body, at his feet.   He put the blade, in his backpack,  picked up his staff & ran for home.   There may be others, looking for him, he must tell his brother.............
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    Well not dying is not that bad, anyway time to go back I think maybe that guy who killed my ally would still me there. But where to begin not like I can just walk back i'm kind of half dead so I'll try and find some people in this damn place hopefully a hospital and this time without the mental doctors. 
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    Okay, listen, we should get our stories straight, alright? If anyone asks -- and no one's gonna ask, don't worry -- but if anyone asks, tell them as far as you know, the last time you checked, everyone looked pretty much alive. Alright? Not dead.

    Nobody is going to space, mate!
    Marie Curie invented the theory of radioactivity, the treatment of radioactivity, and dying of radioactivity. In Victorian England, a commoner was not allowed to look directly at the Queen, due to a belief at the time that the poor had the ability to steal thoughts. Science now believes that less than 4% of poor people are able to do this.

    "Starting now, if I'm honest, to wonder if you're doing all this screen-breaking on purpose. Beginning to actually take it personally. You know what I mean? Like, it's like an insult to me.""Ohh...! There goes another one. There goes another one. They're not inexpensive. I'd just like to point that out. Um, it seems... unfair, y'know, smashing screens. You could give them to people. Instead of smashing them, unscrew them and, and give them to like a homeless person, I don't know what a homeless person would do, but uh, you get my point. It just seems... and you can't unscrew them either, they're bolted in, but... auh, just stop it!!"
    "No, seriously. Do come back. Come back, please."
    "Okay, I've decided not to kill you. IF you come back."
    "Aw. Just thinking back to the old days when we were friends. Good old friends. Not enemies. And I'd say something like 'come back', and you'd be like 'no problem!' And you'd come back. What happened to those days?"
    "Can't help but notice you're not coming back. Which is disappointing."
    "Oo! I've got an idea!"
    "YES YES! IN YOUR FACE! I GOT YO-ah, nope."
    "Fine. Let the games begin."
  •              Aye lad, asks the Ole stranger driving his cart to the market. Need a lift?  The Ole man helps the half dead warrior, into his cart. I'm going to the market, for supplies.  I'll take ye, to the sawbones there.  He can get ye, back in shape in no time lad.......Get up ye ole nag of a horse.........
  • Luke awoke to the sound of screaming and the clash of metal, he ran outside his tent and stopped suddenly as an arrow whizzed past a hair's length from his face. Luke would have died five times if it wasn't for Mike, each time an arrow flew towards Luke Mike cut it in half, each time an enemy sneaked up behind Luke Mike cut him down with his sword. Luke ran towards general frisk (undertale, I am bad at thinking of names) but he felt something slam into his back, he turned around but all he soar was a sword swinging towards his face then everything went black. sorry for any words spelt wrong and any wrong grammer.
  • Suddenly a swarm of Forest Warriors/Hunters came out of the forest and attacked both sides. One of the flying arrows hit Mike and killed him. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" cried Luke. Eventually the first attacking team surrendered, and fled to a nearby fort. Luke's leader surrendered, and the Forest Warriors took some citizens hostage, including Luke. One of the defending longbowmen cocked his arrow, but another one slapped his hand. He accidentally shot the arrow up in the air. Everyone watched it. Suddenly it arched down and hit the Forest Leader right in the heart. He died. "No mercy!" shouted the Warriors. "Take them down, despite them surrendering!" screamed the Hunters. Luke, however, disarmed a Warrior and helped defend his base. Unfortunately Warriors have terrible defense. He died, but the battle of Camp Oink4 was a victory for the defenders.
  •    Soaring overhead Sir Rayzor, the Dragon Rider, mounted on the back of his trusted Dragon Zoar, a powerful dragon.  Sir Rayzor rised from a hatchling.  Zoar roared has below them a bloody battle, was taking place. Arrows of flame & bolts of steel flew past almost hitting Sir Rayzor.  He found a clearing on the top of a hill to land.  As soon as Zoar reached the ground, Sir Rayzor, took cover behind a huge stone.  He pulled out a map, to make sure of where they had landed. Something was not right, he felt a strange, & dangerous air about these Woods around Camp Oink4.  He saw bodies of the warriors on the battle field in the valley.  Broken bows & arrows, shields & swords everywhere.  What could have started this fight he wondered?   He had heard tales of unrest for days, even when he had dinner at the Plush Pub. He had heard rumors of spies, wizards, hunters, & warriors. What could all this mean?  He looked around, a bit more; & then saw a blooded form, weakly walking, from the edge of the battle field.  A young woman, with red hair, covered with dirt, blood, & wearing leather armor.  She fell to the ground not more than a few yards, from where he & Zoar were watching.  Sir Rayzor, stepped from behind the huge stone. She lay about 3 feet from a fallen tree.  He walked over to see if he could help.  He offered her some water from his water bottle made of amber, he gave her a drink.  She looked up at him, she weakly asked," Who are you Sire? I am Sir Rayzor. Whom might you be my lady? She whispered, Lady Lara, of Everbrook Castle. I'll take you there, if you're not fearful of flying.  Sir Rayzor helped onto Zoar's back, & climbed into the saddle behind her.  Zoar spread his powerful wings, Sir Rayzor, asked which way do we go my lady? South she said, so they flew South, to Everbrook.
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