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Ssam42 (US1)Ssam42 (US1) Posts: 421
It seems kinda boring here at times. SO I decided to spice it up with a riddle contest!
Here's how it goes, someone says a riddle. Then another person can answer and then say another. Prizes are optional.
I'll start it off-
first one to answer gets 1500 of each resource and food!
Here's the riddle:

Poor people have this, rich people don't have it and crave for it. If you eat this, you will almost surely die! If you step on it, bad things will happen. What is it?

(This is a hard one! :)
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    Life, am i right?
    I.R.L. @ usa 1
  • Ssam42 (US1)Ssam42 (US1) Posts: 421
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    Nope, sorry. This answer is very controversial, I should've started off when an easier one.
    I'll make another, because that one is kinda bad
    The correct answer was... "Nothing"
    I don't really know how you can step on life or eat it... but people do strange things these days
    Anyhow... I'll make another riddle:

    [FONT=Droid Sans, sans-serif]What comes out at Night but not at daytime. Is in Autumn, Winter, and Spring but not Summer. And is in the ground but not the sky?[/FONT]

    Proud Recruiter of KingdomOfDeath

    Ssam42 @ usa 1

  • Ssam42 (US1)Ssam42 (US1) Posts: 421
    edited 24.07.2015
    The answer was "The letter N"

    Anyone else want to make a riddle?

    Proud Recruiter of KingdomOfDeath

    Ssam42 @ usa 1

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