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Dismiss Special Offers

007Ben2007Ben2 Posts: 1,269
I propose a Dismiss button for these not-so-special-because-they-appear-all-the-time offers. Perhaps a 5 min appearance at the end of the time incase a rubier misclicked or had second thoughts. This would help with the recent bug where it pops up upon entering a different kingdom, as well as those 3 offers that manage to creep up your screen and into the actual gameplay area.
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007Ben2 wrote: »
Basically, god comms have indirectly killed off the game. They encourage the use of fire casts. Now, it's too late to undo that. What's GGE supposed to do? Remove god comms and refund purchases? Obviously GGE wouldn't do that for a number of reasons.

It looks like GGE has irreversably damaged their game, and we the customers suffer the consequences. God comm owners aren't happy, fire cast users could be happier, and the rest of us see the wrongs GGE has caused for some of their best customers.


  • catchred (IN1)catchred (IN1) IN1 Posts: 68
    edited 13.08.2015
    how else will gge earn money except if u buy rubies?????
    pro999 @ in 1
  • Rajan37 (IN1)Rajan37 (IN1) Posts: 5,838
    edited 13.08.2015
    pro9992 wrote: »
    how else will gge earn money except if u buy rubies?????
    I don't think there's any other way.
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