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tips and tricks for lv10-20

catchred (IN1)catchred (IN1) IN1 Posts: 68
any tips and tricks for lv10-20
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  • Lexx7Lexx7 Posts: 1,846
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    dont do drugs
    eat your veggies
    listen to your mommy and daddy
    go to college

    for real:
    dont spam high level alliances asking to join them or for pacts or NAAs. they will pretty much ignore you.

    get strong relationships with people near you, whether they are in your alliance or not. the more friends you have to back you up the better.

    dont ever hit a strong alliance. if they are way larger and stronger then you, then 99% of the time, they have the ability to beat the crap out of you in a war, so leave them alone. if they are close to your strength, go for it

    do not hit the same person more then 1 time a week. just in game etiquette, and it will keep you from being called a bully.

    join an alliance that is a training alliance for someone else if possible. they tend t be more active and able to teach you more

    WANT TO LEARN!!! show in game to friends, mentors, or allies that you want to learn what they have to teach. ask for tips or help learning how to best beat nomads, how to best participate in foreign lords events, learn everything you can about the game

    RBCs. nonstop. robber baron castles in each world (green, ice, sands, and fire). they get you gems, they get you gear for your commanders and castellans, they get coins, they give resources. just keep farming them non stop, the prizes will get better and better as time goes by
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  • bobjoerock (US1)bobjoerock (US1) Posts: 549
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    also do not hit OP and storm island and anyone in the server war or auto war on or cap rvs/metro/capitals/ king tower/ and labs
    bobjoerock @ usa 1
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