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Event tips and info

jollyjack82jollyjack82 Posts: 6,105
I thought I'd do an event tips and info thread. If you feel I have missed anything or I have gotten something wrong please pm me or comment.

Event list:

.Foreign lords
.Storm islands
.The nobility contest
.Traveling merchant
.Shadow Mercenary's
.Gift peddler
.Blade coast
.Thorn King
.Traveling knights
.Spy's camp
.Shady lady
.Renegades camp
.Equipment trader
.Wheel of fortune

Please inform me if I have missed any:


Foreign lord tips and information:

The fc (foreign castles) appear quite regularly. They are simulations of real players on different servers / realms. They can attack main castles and only attack you once. They can't give you honor but are able to give glory. However close they seem they are always 50 clicks away no matter if your launching from an outpost or your main castle.

It is wise too place all attackers in an outpost (op) as they can't attack these so they will not kill them off. As they are good sources of glory make sure to use lots of flags on final waves but some fc have very little troops. Don't bother sending banners if the troop amount is low.

The winner always gets the 'Defender of the realm' decoration item that gives 220 public order

Nomads tips and information:

Nomads appear outside your castle (on the map) and are filled with renegade spear throwers and lancers (thanks lucas for reminding me). The tools they use are lime powder bombs and/or bodkin arrows. They are a great source of coins. Once you have defeated them you get khan tablets which you can trade for gear (very good), tools, decoration and soldiers.

The easiest way (in my experience) to defeat them is fully ranged on both flanks with full mantlets. I use a 90 ranged commander with flank gems and some courtyard bonus.

The winner always gets the hero 'guardian of the khan'.


Storm tips and information

The storm islands is an event where you pay 15k coins and some resources to go. You are given a ruined castle and your aim is to collect aqua from quests, looting forts and taking aqua islands. This can then be shipped over to your alliance or used at 'Luna's trade boat' to buy armor, troops, decoration, tools and gems. Once your alliance has shipped a certain amount of aqua they hit a milestone and get rewards. If you win out of everybody your leader become storm lord and can hand out negative titles and good titles that give bonus's.

The best way (in my experience) is too use a 90 ranged commander with at least 30 moat reduction and take islands.


The nobility contest tips and info:

The nobility contest is different each time, it always has different rewards and a different task. Sometimes though you get ones you got a few months earlier.

My advice is wake up early for the start of it and try and get a head start. Prepare for one type too. If you want to win the rbc one level up your towers and save up skips so you can hit them over and over.


The armorer tips and info:

The armorer is a camp that appears outside your castle and offers tools for rubies and coins. It's a good way to get tools instead of building and the armorer ruby tools are the best ones you can get (most of the time)

Make sure to use him when he comes


The traveling merchant tips and info:

I personally think hes a waste of time . . .

The tm offers resources and coins for rubies. rip off too.


The Shadow mercenary tips and info:

The sm appear outside your castle and offer shadow troops for rubies. These troops are at your disposal but do not reveal the attacker. You can use them to free up rv's and then nick 'em I suppose.


The technicus tips and info:

The techy is one of the most important events as you can use him to upgrade equipment to upgrade commanders and castillians. I definitely recommend saving coins up and upgrading your best pieces.


The colossus tips and info:

The colossus appears outside your main castle. If you donate resources to the camp it will build a colossus. The more you donate the better looking and more effective the decoration is (more po). There are three types of colossus, the horseman statue, the original and the gold colossus. The horseman and original both require wood and stone whilst the gold one needs coins.

My advice is be sensible with how much you donate (as in don't go broke) but don't donate too little otherwise it will be worthless. The gold one I think is a waste of time.


The ​gift peddler tips and info:

The gift peddler appears outside your main and ,for rubies, allows you to gift other players.


The alchemist tips and info:

He would (he seems to have died so I say would) appear outside your main and ask you too loot rbc's and get ingredient from which he can make you potions to help your armies and resource production.

I haven't seen him for ages and never did him so if you have any info on him please tell me.


The barterer tips and info:

The barter allows you to trade one resource for another

Thanks akhil for telling me XD


The architect tips and info:

He allows you to upgrade buildings when hes here but when hes gone the upgrade button is locked.

not 100% sure please comment


Blade coast tips and info:

The blade coast is an event like thorn king and underworld.

Please comment on this one too


berimond tips and info:

Berimond is an event that's camp appears outside your main castle. Once you have donated all needed resources you enter berimond. Your aim is too collect points that are gotten from battles with players and with watchtowers and resource villages. If you get into the top 100 you get the berimond armour and if you get over 200 points you get the 'pride of the lion' if your on the red faction or 'Might of the bear' if your on the blue faction. factions are like teams or sides and the first person to join from an alliance is randomly given a team and then everybody else follows into the same team.

My advice is build as many camps as possible and then lots of moral decorations and then hit at least 4 watchtowers. They give 50 points each so that would get you the decoration. Then just keep hitting.

The winner gest the decoration 'Legend of berimond'


The thorn king tips and info:

The thorn king is an event where you help a king reclaim his kingdom. You have to build camps and moral to be able to send troops over. hitting the towers unlocks the next so you can continue onward and finish for the decoration.

Please tell me more as I know very little about thorn


The underworld tips and info:

The underworld is almost the same as thorn king apart from the rewards and once you have done it you can do the master level which is even harder.

Please fill me in on the decoration and equipment please.


The Traveling knights tips and info:

The traveling knights have a relic and they ask you too find the pieces from rbc's and they will then fight for you.

It is a very good event and not too hard if your towers and high level. I recommend doing it.


The spy's camp tips and info:

A spy says that the robber barons have a new king and he asks you to attack him. The king offers some coins (loot) and then the spy gives 30 rubies and 7 days protection from robber baron attacks.

Worth it too stop those pesky sweeper attacks.


The shady lady tips and info:

The shady lady offers you a near by target and asks that you attack him. Your reward is 100 rubies per target you hit plus some coins and what you loot. Usually a nobility contest comes along side this asking you to hit targets too.

Very worthwhile.


The renegades camp tips and info:

This is like the traveling knights but for outer kingdoms and offers the kingdom's troops.


The equipment trader tips and info:

He offers bundles of random equipment for rubies. Do NOT use him ever. . . ever


The wheel of fortune tips and info:

This event requires you to spend rubies on tickets to spin the wheel and then you get a prize. You get one free spin. If you have tons of rubies it would be good to do, otherwise no.


The ​Marauders camp tips and info:

The marauders camp appears outside you main and asks you to donate resources (including food) and then once you hit certain milestones you get marauders or veteran marauders.

Not very worthwhile but if you need troops you could do it.

EDIT: My back hurts from writing that!! :o
jollyjack8 @ en1 - Recruiter of New Vision
King jollyjack8, level 48 (I haven't done quests since level 19 unless it was a good one)
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