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Nomad Reward Message Error

007Ben2007Ben2 Posts: 1,269
edited 09.07.2015 in Technical Assistance
Just trying to save you guys a bunch of spam mail for support team claiming missing rubies.

Noticed the coins and rubies reward message has the player reward text. It says the coins and ruby rewards are given to each player, not the alliance funds. A simple hotfix or similar should do the trick. I was quite disappointed when I realized this for the first ruby/coin message lol. Thought GGE was being quite gererous. 1000 rubies for me for something my allies did lol.
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007Ben2 wrote: »
Basically, god comms have indirectly killed off the game. They encourage the use of fire casts. Now, it's too late to undo that. What's GGE supposed to do? Remove god comms and refund purchases? Obviously GGE wouldn't do that for a number of reasons.

It looks like GGE has irreversably damaged their game, and we the customers suffer the consequences. God comm owners aren't happy, fire cast users could be happier, and the rest of us see the wrongs GGE has caused for some of their best customers.


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