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A Complete Changelog

spontaneus1 (GB1)spontaneus1 (GB1) Posts: 172GB1
Just a small suggestion, could ggs possibly publish a full change log which each update. A full list of both new features, bug fixes and balance changes. Would really hep to clear up the misunderstandings that occur due to the lack of such lists.
spontaneus1 @ en 1
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  • MustakeemMustakeem Posts: 735
    edited 01.07.2015
    They sometimes announce these things just look at what the CMs post :)
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  • spontaneus1 (GB1)spontaneus1 (GB1) Posts: 172GB1
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    Mustakeem wrote: »
    They sometimes announce these things just look at what the CMs post :)

    Simply put, sometimes announcing parts of the updates isn't good enough. Implementing an industry standerd really shouldn't be seen as a luxury. We, the consumers of their product should have access to a full and comprehensive change log, it's really not that difficult to put together.
    spontaneus1 @ en 1
  • Chris2307 (GB1)Chris2307 (GB1) Posts: 944
    edited 01.07.2015
    But then how would they sneak some of their changes through the backdoor, hoping we won't notice?!

    I also think there should be a bug list where we can see all bugs as and when they are noticed. Then perhaps we would have all been aware of the bug which were making towers easier.

    And whilst I'm here picking bones, I would suggest to you Steve that you do not title your post: Regarding 'Increased Losses' with speech marks or referring to the losses as "perceived" (as you do in the bug thread). This implies the increased losses weren't really there and were all in our head. No. You did increase the losses whether it was an original bug or not. Don't be patronising. You may think I'm being pedantic here but the golden rule of being a community manager is not to come across as condescending.
    Chris2307 @ en 1
  • D1237 (US1)D1237 (US1) Posts: 193
    edited 01.07.2015
    ben3211232 wrote: »
    Of everything, I would say keep it in the forums. The changelog inside the game can just show the major stuff.

    Disagree completely. There should be a standard changelog, you can even use techie speak if needbe - there will be people here who know EXACTLY what they are referring to, more or less.

    Changelogs help ACCOUNTABILITY. This is an important concept in any game where there is constant development. Yes people could complain more because they know more, but ultimately - people could also complain less because they see the DESIGN INTENT more clearly. Instead of having arcanine ATTEMPT (not very well by the way) to explain SOME of what happened/did happen/will happen etc.

    After all, I'm sure arcanine or any moderator could add their own comments to a good change log that they recieved after having his own communications with HQ....

    Bottom line - FULL CHANGE LOG = Correct, Right thing to do for the players - and for the designers too I might add. I think its naive for people to believe designers have to be over accountable to the 'public' for every change or modification. However at the same time, isnt it silly that we have to come crawling to arcanine pleading for a piece of bread from dev team? Absurd.

    More honesty, more directness - less subterfuge/cheesy excuses to deny information. Thanks.
    D1237 @ usa 1

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