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Resets on towers in ice sand and fire



  • Mr.assassin2 (US1)Mr.assassin2 (US1) Posts: 1,647
    edited 01.07.2015
    It kinda is affecting my gameplay, losing more troops due to your garbage programmers.

    ^This 10/10

    I sent out a hit to start up my looting this morning in sands and i was losing 25-30 troops per tower hit when i normally lose 10-11 troops per hit.

    Founder of Camelot Beasts.

  • Wagznet (US1)Wagznet (US1) Posts: 2
    edited 01.07.2015
    all sands towers show level 1, winter seems to be normal . spent alot of time and money bumping those rb towers to higher lvls for higher rewards. espo shows at lvl1 in sands . is there a problem?
    Wagznet @ usa 1
  • neuterable (US1)neuterable (US1) US1 Posts: 757
    edited 01.07.2015
    The maps still aren't loading right. This is partly display glitch, but it might run deeper if you actually attack them during the glitch.
    neuterable, shameless slaughterer of peasants, collector of princesses and fan of homestuck

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  • cliff60 (GB1)cliff60 (GB1) Posts: 35
    edited 01.07.2015
    getting the same problem. But if u refresh the rb go back to their correct lvl. But i have noticed that when i hit an rb in ice the lvls of all rb in ice drop back to starting lvl. Then refresh to get them back to where they r supposed to be. So it is having an impact on game play cause ur constanty having to refresh to fix the glitch.
    cliff60 @ en 1
  • edited 01.07.2015
    has anyone had ALL their TOWERS RESET back to original LEVELS? All acroos the lands ALL have been reset to the original levels - Green is at ONE, etc.
    MusicSKompany @ usa 1
  • Lexx7Lexx7 Posts: 1,846
    edited 01.07.2015
    i had that issue a few times, but it always eventually comes back. contact support if it doesnt fix itself
    RIP Eric768, true forum warrior and GGE king
  • AdamRuler22AdamRuler22 Posts: 1
    edited 01.07.2015
    Yes many have the same problem here reset does work from the errant screen display and once back in, moving to another realm shows another incorrect screen description of tower levels. Reset again does work until you go to another realm then back to square one. Hardly a good solution

    Enjoy the Game
    AdamRuler2 @ au 1
  • Jesster2Jesster2 Posts: 3
    edited 01.07.2015
    If you go inside your castle and then return to the world map it resolves itself.
    Jesster @ usa 1
  • joseph grimajoseph grima Posts: 75
    edited 01.07.2015
    thanks my friend, good day
    joseph grima @ WWW 1
  • 4james20 (US1)4james20 (US1) Posts: 71
    edited 01.07.2015
    Hey all my rb's and towers have re-set?? Has this happened too anyone else??X(?(
    4james20 @ usa 1
  • king gamer4king gamer4 Posts: 146
    edited 01.07.2015
    It has to me but it appears to be a visual bug. Still it leaves me unsure as to what levels i am actually trying to esp and attack.
  • CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
    edited 01.07.2015
    Hey guys,

    I've merged all of your threads together. In the future, please have a browse around the technical problems section and use the search function before making a new thread.

    We're aware of the issue with the tower levels, and it's purely visual. The team are currently working on a fix that we should roll out today. In the meantime, the towers will still be the same level as they were, they'll just appear to not be.

    Regarding the increased losses that you're reporting, I'm looking into it for you guys and I'll get back to you when I have more information.


  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,840
    edited 01.07.2015
    I am not so sure steve it looks like some of my tower actually reset next to one of my ops, its different to all my other castles where the thing appears to be a visual thing. however i will wait till the visual bug is fixed before sending in a ticket
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • neuterable (US1)neuterable (US1) US1 Posts: 757
    edited 01.07.2015
    Yep, bug is still there after the server reset. The messed up map kind of makes the Foreigners stick out a bit more. Maybe fixing the map before sending them yet again would help?
    neuterable, shameless slaughterer of peasants, collector of princesses and fan of homestuck

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