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Troops bouncing on stationing!

spontaneus1 (GB1)spontaneus1 (GB1) Posts: 172GB1
edited 16.06.2015 in Technical Assistance
I have no idea how this managed to happen but somehow when I went to station my troops at my op this morning they bounced off and returned to my main?

At first I thought I hadn't been thinking this morning and sent troops from my op to my main, and the fault was mine. However the lack of retreat flag and the composition of the army suggests my stationing did in fact bounce!
spontaneus1 @ en 1


  • Lexx7Lexx7 Posts: 1,846
    edited 16.06.2015
    did you accidentally resend them to your main?
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  • spontaneus1 (GB1)spontaneus1 (GB1) Posts: 172GB1
    edited 16.06.2015
    Lexx7 wrote: »
    did you accidentally resend them to your main?

    Definitely not, those where rewards from the WOTR/nobility contest that I got this morning when I logged on, I only noticed when I went to send them out on an attack, only to find I didn't have any troops there, which was the first point in which I checked the travel log, to find the above circumstances.
    spontaneus1 @ en 1
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