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Players with over 2 million power points?

Mr.assassin2 (US1)Mr.assassin2 (US1) Posts: 1,654
edited 01.06.2015 in Technical Assistance
I have refreshed and checked the rankings a few times, and these 2 people are still showing up.

These players weren't there a few days ago, and i have never seen them before, and I have heard of a lot of players.

I cant insert images for some reason, whatever lol

here is screenshot


2 players I have never seen before in 1st and 2nd place, 1 has 2.7 million power points, the other has little over 2 million.

If the ppl who are normally all in top 5 spend hundreds of grand a year, how much did these guys spend to jump there all of the sudden? Are these GGE test accounts? Or is this somesort of really crazy bug?

Anyone with any info would be appreciated.
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