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Alliance designations

Raghav Agarwal2Raghav Agarwal2 Posts: 65
edited 28.05.2015 in Players ask Players
In an alliance how many designations are there and what rights they have?????
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  • Raghav Agarwal2Raghav Agarwal2 Posts: 65
    edited 27.05.2015
    anyone there
  • jollyjack82jollyjack82 Posts: 6,105
    edited 27.05.2015
    What you mean?

    deputy can do everything apart from change leader or kick him, leader can kick anyone. warmarshal can kick serg and below same with recruiter and generals etc
  • samasensei3samasensei3 Posts: 1,087
    edited 27.05.2015
    Leader- All mighty
    Deputy-Powerful same as leader but leaders is a boss
    War Marshmellow- Not that great, can kick and invite people
    Diplomat-Useless since other ranks can do their job
    Recruiters-waste of time
    Treasurer- annoying people who are in charge of funds
    Seargents- Pretty pointless
  • px-elcapitanpx-elcapitan Posts: 576
    edited 27.05.2015
    what bugs me is that i think generals outrank the War Mash, Treasurer, Diplomat and Recruiter.
    but they are displayed higher rank.
  • overlord90098 (GB1)overlord90098 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,798
    edited 27.05.2015
    think war marsh, treasurer, diplomat and recruiter ( in strong alliances ) the first players who can control all outside alliances events of course if the leader allows it
  • Highness Ho (GB1)Highness Ho (GB1) Posts: 2,763
    edited 27.05.2015
    War Marshalls, recruiters,treasurers and diplomats are the same rank as general, but just have a special job.
  • fujiwara (GB1)fujiwara (GB1) GB1 Posts: 648
    edited 28.05.2015
    To answer the question directly, all special general hats have exactly the same rights as a standard general. The only difference is whether it makes it easier to provide very game specific functions to these people, which a lot of alliances find valuable. There's no best rule of thumb for it, but one suggestion that has worked for some:

    Member: New or inexperienced player, sometimes on trial, sometimes just demonstrating that they're joining for the long run

    Sarge: Established player, part of the team and recognised as such

    General: Basically a sarge that also wants to take on some part of helping with running the alliance, offering advice when needed or doing bits of work as they crop up (like handling an RV dispute)

    Treasurer: Responsible for making sure players have the res they need to keep building, and that alliance funds are being suitably contributed to (whatever that looks like for any given alliance). Also useful if these people keep an eye on new features like the labs and making sure that they're being pushed up to whatever level the alliance want to aim for. Often also given responsibility of managing assets such as making sure that outposts and RVs from departed players get handed to suitable new owners.

    Diplomat: Deals with the stuff that everyone else causes mostly. Arranging diplomatic agreements, settling disputes, pulling favours with other alliances etc. The diplomat's job is basically PR and networking if done well

    Recruiter: Yeah, erm, what it says on the tin really. Get new players, make sure they're settled and know who to ask questions to if they need to. Often the axe man too ;)

    War Marshal: Responsible for making sure people's castles are set up correctly, arranging alliance mass attacks and co-ordinating defense management when attacked. Basically the WM's job is to make sure if the smelly stuff hits the fan, the alliance is in the best shape possible.

    Leader: Overseer. A well run alliance isn't micromanaged by the leader. That's what the other hats are for. The leader's job is to manage the hats, and make decisions when other senior officers are unsure what to do. And take the credit and flack for pretty much anything and everything that the alliance does.

    Deputy: Basically another leader role, helping with the oversight, and deferring to the leader when the leader's around. Generally useful to have someone who's going to make decisions for the alliance in the absence of the leader unless the leader's on 24/7


    Obviously that is a totally unnecessary level of structure for a pixel game. As a rule though, I find big alliances are both more successful, and individually workload tends to be lower, if done with some form of semi-formal structure. Everyone knows where they stand, everyone knows what they're supposed to do, and no-one ends up with 10 hours a week of alliance paperwork to sort out :P

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