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Counter2CrazyAttacks - Balancing the Mechanics of Combat

Mr.assassin2 (US1)Mr.assassin2 (US1) Posts: 1,654
So I have been brainstorming for awhile now, on how to come up with an idea for an update that would serve as a counter to all of these indefensible attacks.

I am talking about the crazy Courtyard bonus that GGE is selling to anyone with enough money, and the New Super God Commander.

Obviously, people have payed real life money for these assets in game, so you can't take them away, and reducing the power of those purchases would make the purchase of those assets a waste, when players spend thousands for these, if only to get ripped off when that purchase is made less effective.

However, the combat mechanics of the game have been thrown out of the window for far too long, and it is breaking the game. Offense has ridiculously ludicrous and lopsided advantages over defense, that are borderline sadistic in their nature. There can now be achieved Courtyard bonus' of over 200%, someone explain to me how anyone is supposed to combat a Super God Cmdr, that is more powerful than the last, which carries a 200%+ CY bonus That is over 2000 troops in size? Or an attack with 30% CY but it is 4000+ in size?

I have heard many times, players with these commanders always meet open gates or fire casting with tool wasting. This only makes those commanders overpriced and over hyped paper weights more or less. Fire casting is a legitimate strategy within the game, but it is occurring much too often, it is occurring so frequently because defending most attacks these days, from someone who knows how to attack, has become too expensive to maintain when a single attack can clear you of most of your own troops. Not to mention dozens or hundreds even.

With this being said, I am proposing that Defensive Troops ONLY, have their recruitment time and cost lowered to 50% of what it currently is. The number of troops available per slot would be same as it now, the +1 would remain just that + 1. The current mechanics of offense are based on an assumption that anyone defending will see their defensive armies as dispensable and won't care about losing 2-5x as many troops as the attacker. As well you will be able to type in the number of troops you want per slot to reduce clicking. This is due to the fact that whales can buy as many armies as they want, dozens of them even, on the fly, at the press of a button(all of whom are vastly superior in firepower to the defensive power of most troops even KGs)

Finally, the more people who defend these attacks, the more of these armies that will be killed, and in effect the more of them that will be purchased. This IMO is taking advantage of the best of both worlds, as the whales who love slaughtering thousands in a single attack can do so all they want, while regular players and anyone else including those who don't just open gate 24/7 can still recruit fast enough to compensate for the advantages that offense has now, this will make defense troops more dispensable and encourage the defending of these attacks, and lastly help balance the mechanics. The cost to transport units remains the same.

Example for this idea is say, hypothetically, you have a troop that costs 200 coin, and takes 10 minutes to recruit, with this update it would take 5 minute troop and 100 coin for each unit.

If implemented, this would immediately grant all players a reduction in time and cost to recruit any defensive units, this means, NO rubies/coins/research/hall of legends/alliance upgrade/power point building, to acquire this feature.

If you would like this change to be added into the game, please comment on this thread saying, "I support this"


I did tweak some parts of this idea, to better suit the suggestions made by other players.
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