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The Royal Post Caption Contest



  • InsaneDuckling (GB1)InsaneDuckling (GB1) Posts: 19,271
    edited 07.05.2015
    "I have appeared in a cloud of smoke. That just shows how powerful I am. Now give me all your money, peasant."
    Bazooka Duck of Fire | High Councillor of Inrazimad | That Person with an Addiction to Cookies 

    Um . . . I don't have enough titles. I must brainstorm!

    @au1 ~ graceL.H.E - Level 70 - Storm Cloaks - The Terrible
    @en1 ~ InsaneDuckling - Level 70 - New Vision - The Terrible

    One of those weird old players who became all sentimental after leaving the game before they could see dear old Empire rot away even more. 
  • Aries (AU1)Aries (AU1) AU1 Posts: 201
    edited 07.05.2015
    Oi! I'm talking to you mate. Yes you...*sighs and throws hands up in exasperation* the one dancing like his on cloud nine! *Face-palms*
    Aries - Level 70 Fearless/Widowmaker 
    Highest MP was achieved at level 63 - 313k
    I've played since 2012. 
  • Nykx (INT1)Nykx (INT1) Posts: 14
    edited 07.05.2015
    YOU!!!! You, I told you to bombard the peasants with ruby offers and also raised its prizes. I WANT MORE MONEY!!!
    Oops sorry i mean more rubies :3
    Nykx @ WWW 1
  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    edited 07.05.2015
    "I'm feeling generous today, you can have anything you want for being a good servant, up to unlimited rubies in Goodgame Empire."
  • Hanzolo (US1)Hanzolo (US1) US1 Posts: 896
    edited 07.05.2015
    First Giant:

    "Fie Fi Fo Fum! I smell a lazy bum" King Ludwig the round, I told you a million times... Sit up straight and wipe that smirk off your face, nobody will take your contests seriously if you look so embarrassing! Off to the pillory for you! Maybe the tomato and rotten vegetables that will be thrown at you will knock some sense into you.!"

    Second Giant:

    "Don't be too harsh on him, I think you have had your head in the clouds for too long. You seem to be air-headed lately :)"

    Hanzolo @ Canada1

  • Salty Pretzel (US1)Salty Pretzel (US1) Posts: 208
    edited 08.05.2015
    It is cold up here! Fetch me my royal heater!
    Salty Pretzel @ usa 1
  • CrimsonSky (AU1)CrimsonSky (AU1) AU1 Posts: 16
    edited 08.05.2015
    YOU! Why haven't you paid your tax, slacking off eh?
    AuroraXT @ au 1
  • Cyclone14 (INT1)Cyclone14 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 11,909
    edited 08.05.2015
    "Him! Yes, him! Off with his head! . . . His head, you dolt! His head!"
    The Completely Insane,

    One of the old-timers, long since departed from this land — my inbox, however, remains open!
  • edited 09.05.2015
    King on right : "who clapitated? "
    King on left : "The smell is coming from that way".

    Founder & former Leader of. . . . .

    "Ocker Nation" . Established  26th of January 2014.

    'straya' day  m8 , go with the green & gold.  

  • vuurvlieg (NL1)vuurvlieg (NL1) Posts: 7
    edited 09.05.2015
    You over there! go and get me some rubies from the premium shop, I need them to build the bakery... I'm hungry.
    vuurvlieg @ nl 1
  • edited 09.05.2015
    You over there! Not you, the scrawny one. I want you to lick my homeboy toes beside me, he likes then clean and fungus free.
    waynethebeast @ usa 1
  • edited 10.05.2015
    Now, go get me some Nachos.
  • Astraa009 (INT1)Astraa009 (INT1) Posts: 2,087
    edited 11.05.2015
    "You over there got kidnap the barterer, I have an offer he can't resist, HAHAHAHAHA"
    International 1
    King Astraa009 the Steel-Hearted
    Level 70 legend level 17

    United States 1
    Viscount Astraa009
    Level 27
  • PHU (ASIA1)PHU (ASIA1) Posts: 68
    edited 11.05.2015
    "You didn't hide your troops when you went to bed, now they're all dead because of you!"
    PHU @ WWW 1
  • edited 12.05.2015
    (talking to the king) Hey you...Yeah you! Go to the shop and buy some rubies...and one more thing, after you do that, buy the bakery and fully upgrade it! I need more food...and one more thing, get 100 more farmhouses in that outpost, enough with the woodcutters! and ONE more thing...blah blah blah blah blah........
    "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you"
    US 1 Level 55 Player
    Sadly, I cannot say "Proud non-ruby player" anymore.
    Started buying rubies after I got too many gift cards on my birthday!
    Proud member of Castles for God

  • wert855 (IN1)wert855 (IN1) Posts: 758
    edited 12.05.2015
    "Burn that bakery,then only the breads will bake"

    Now a General of Illuminati :)
    Last Rubies brought : Somewhere in July or August 2015
    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -Mahatma Gandhi
    "One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody." -Mother Teresa
  • BrandonUser (US1)BrandonUser (US1) Posts: 45
    edited 17.05.2015
    INCOMING DRONE ATTACK!!! Someone fetch my Storm Isle armor and some fire arrows!
    BrandonUser @ usa 1
  • RockhenderRockhender Posts: 47
    edited 17.05.2015
    Pull my finger so I could pass gas.
    "Have you ever wanted to eat a turducken? I suggest you should not. The name itself has the word 'turd' in it."

    "If Hillary Goddamn Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States of America, will there be a First Lady?"

    Rockhender @ usa 1
  • RockhenderRockhender Posts: 47
    edited 17.05.2015
    It's coming...Pull my finger b'fore it'll be too late...TOOOOOOT!
    "Have you ever wanted to eat a turducken? I suggest you should not. The name itself has the word 'turd' in it."

    "If Hillary Goddamn Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States of America, will there be a First Lady?"

    Rockhender @ usa 1
  • Anduue (IN1)Anduue (IN1) Posts: 74
    edited 22.05.2015
    First King : ''From where the smoke is coming?''
    Second King:''My lord,I think the dragon from the fire peaks is coming here,but we are also robber barons,Let's throw our all tools at him!''
    Proud DEPUTY of The World War@INDIA1

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