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90 90 cmndr



  • Pallu (IN1)Pallu (IN1) Posts: 569
    easiest straight 90/90 commander is 3 pieces of dorgo helmet weapon and artifact and use normal armour lammellar gives 90 /90 quite easy with some wall late detect speed and glory,all nomads, bonus doing this way is get the coin to tech up

    this ^


    My best commander. ^

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  • Relis (ASIA1)Relis (ASIA1) Posts: 1,402
     @ksc said a commander with berimond armour,beri helmet,sea queens scepter,compass is his 1st 90/90 commander
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  • Lord Roj (GB1)Lord Roj (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,125
     @ksc said a commander with berimond armour,beri helmet,sea queens scepter,compass is his 1st 90/90 commander

    Hmm, 2 artifacts there, I suspect you mean old beri chest and helmet with blade sword and compass.
    Lord Roj @ en 1
  • Cordial Warrior (US1)Cordial Warrior (US1) US1 Posts: 59
    edited 18.04.2018
    Check the Adventures tab in the Quest Book. There is a 5 piece commander available there which you can get by completing 10 tasks, stuff you're already doing anyway, like hitting BC's and FL's, gaining glory points, looting resources from any source, etc. 

    The King of Shadows is a decent commander. It is 85 and 85 melee and range for person vs person targets, and 100 100 for NPC targets. 
    These are the full stats:

    wall 65
    gate 65
    moat 35
    speed 45
    glory 40
    melee 85(100)
    ranged 85(100)
    15 flank
    40 (55)cry
    brackts=npc stats

    Of course you can add whichever gems you like to modify it. I put courtyard gems. Some people put a mix of courtyard and flank gems, which might make better sense. 

    There is another commander available there, the Queen's Defense. That one is VERY strong. But completing those tasks is definitely going to take a long, long, time. But what the heck? If you play the game long enough you can get it, and you don't have to spend any money on rubies for any of the pieces. 

    This thread hasn't been active for a while, but it still shows up in searches so I figure I'll add my 2 cents here anyway. 

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