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Activating Protection Mode

Mickey5612 (US1)Mickey5612 (US1) US1 Posts: 20
edited 09.01.2015 in Players ask Players
If you have an attack out that is landing in the future, and you choose to go under the bird, will that attack be recalled, if not will it bounce, or will the protection mode go away when the attack hits?

Any insight on this would be helpful.
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  • swantonbomb (GB1)swantonbomb (GB1) Posts: 357
    edited 08.01.2015
    It takes 24 hours for pro mode to enable, just measure your times.
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  • Mickey5612 (US1)Mickey5612 (US1) US1 Posts: 20
    edited 09.01.2015
    will the attack abort and return or will it continue and bounce? after yhe 24 hours that is
    Mpinto55 @ usa 1
  • Mr.assassin2 (US1)Mr.assassin2 (US1) Posts: 1,647
    edited 09.01.2015
    After the 24 hours, people can't launch attacks on you, the attack icon goes gray and you can't interact with it.
    Although I think you mean what happens if when the pro mode starts after the 24 hour wait time, and you have an attack inbound.

    I would say you would see the attack bounce, and the attacker would get a pm saying "No Battle"

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