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How much longer will you let this go on for?!

Chris2307 (GB1)Chris2307 (GB1) Posts: 944
edited 07.01.2015 in Technical Assistance
Please tell me, why on earth, we are seeing the same problems with GGE still? The game has been ridiculously laggy over the last few months but previous few weeks have been horrendous.

The other week, we were unable to access the UK server and if we did, it was almost unplayable. Why? Because there was an issue with the way UK players access the server, so you told us. Apparently, this was fixed. So why do I have an entire evening of severe performance issues and then as soon as I use a browser extension to change my location to the US or another country, does the game run incredibly smoothly for me? You haven't fixed whatever issue was affecting your servers.

I could perhaps forgive you if it was just the one issue. But it's not. Memory leaks. You have one big fat one in your game. I measured the amount of flash memory in use at the start of a new session as about 50mb and watched this amount rocket up to over 500mb in a very short time. Something else which dogs the performance of the game. Sure, you can get round this by restarting your browser tab but why should I? It's your problem and you should be fixing it. Preventing memory leaks is something first year programming students learn about.

Then there are times where no memory leak or location appears to be the source of performance issues whilst playing this game. Times where an entire alliance, made up of players across the world, complain of the same lag and slowness of the game.

It's pathetic. The game is a resource hog. It causes my laptop's temperature to rocket up. And yet you seem to think it beneficial to spend all your time arsing around with how many tools are in a robber baron castle. Get your priorities right GGS. If you're going to bend us over and screw us then at least do it with something that actually runs!
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