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The 7R Agency [2014 Alliance Review]

Eric768 (US1)Eric768 (US1) US1 Posts: 7,183
edited 27.12.2014 in Alliance News & Diplomacy

Posting this with the consent of my alliance, regarding the 2014 alliance review competition in hopes of getting the reward, and also sharing our journey over the past year. So enjoy :)

Our current name is The 7R Agency, however we did not start with this name. We started as a group named TheAgency, a group which I formed close to April as a lone level 70. This was a new, starting from scratch alliance. Since then we have grown to 50+, with some formidable upgrades, an alliance level of 27 (2014-12-26), several glory competition ranks in the top 50, and a bond unalike any I've seen in GGE in near 3 years playing.

When we first started out, recruiting was difficult, but we soon made a core of players, new and a few experienced, after several weeks. It wasn't until about a month or two in where we began to expand rapidly, going from 15 membership slots to 29, and bolstering a fearsome roster of prospect players in the 15-40 range.

After two months of tenure, we set to war against a group who we'll call 'Red Side' for privacy. This was due to their constant harassment of my lower level players, thinking we would not step up. Well, we did in fact step up after a vote, sending 60+ attacks on the first day, and constant daily hits that I couldn't even keep track of for the next week. This group was around 20 members in size, with a handful of players in their 50-60 range. The lower level players in TheAgency were forced to take on people larger than them, and they won.

Following this war, our relationships were strengthened significantly, as we learned to care for one another deeply. It was at this point we found a fellow similar sized group called House Of Growth, who we intended on warring days prior to our proposal of a merge due to some difficulties between a few of our members. Instead, we looked at the long run, and we proposed this merge, which after deliberation on their side, was accepted. We increased in size, cut some dead weight, and set on with development.

Shortly after this a good friend of mine, TheBigAK, came to me with a proposal of his own; a merge between TheAgency and 7 Realms. Though sceptical at first due to our recent success, we began to see great potential, and therefore two weeks after the HoG-TA merge, we merged with 7 Realms to create what is now today, The 7R Agency. Our combined 29 members and 25 members made a 50+ member group after some generous ruby donations by several of our ruby buying friends.

AK and myself made various goals for the group in terms of looting, activity, attacking, development, dot activity, and various other items. We continued recruiting throughout the process, as well as bonded during the whole time. The merge went seamlessly and we enjoyed great success as we dominated the area of the map we were located in.

Our general level range was 25-70, with most being on the lower end. However, this did not deter us when it came to standing up for ourselves, as on several occasions groups who were affiliated with large groups on the USA1 server such as Kingdom of Neph, Grumpy King, Dream Team, and Fight Team took to making us prime targets for their random mass attacks.

Upon receiving mass attacks, we made the immediate decision to fight back in most cases, arranging our own mass the following day, and attempting to double the hits received. This is quite risky, as their affiliation usually means trouble, but we didn't like to lay down. For the most part this was successful, as they would either respect our retaliation, or it would go badly, as they would cry to their parent alliance which would often mean a message in my inbox with various threats of war.

The independent alliance life is hard if you didn't get that already.

At some point we were made a primary target for Kingdom Of Neph family, making a sheet with groups names who were open for RV theft within boundaries, and hits with no restrictions from what we gathered. However we had only 10 or so players above level 50, meaning these 10 players were targeted a lot. After a few weeks of receiving over 10 hits a day from KoN groups, I approached KoN main with the hope of receiving a no-hit (verbal), which was thankfully accepted, ending our struggle to maintain order. Since then we have had a positive relationship.

It was around this time that TheBigAK, my co-leader, quit the game. He needed more time with his family, which we can all understand, and he has taken a very casual role with an honorary, respected spot in the alliance from which we don't count him in activity logs and such.

We warred a group for a few days, decimating them after night 2 and over 150 hits, after a disgruntled argument, and since have had peace as we try to keep to ourselves while hitting within limits, enjoying one anothers company, and enjoying the game when we feel like it ;)

Hope you enjoyed reading, and I look forward to the future of 7RA, and perhaps writing a 2015 review this time next year :p


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Proud to have been one of the longest serving members on USA1
Advocate of speaking up regarding mental health and seeking help
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Rest well Jason; a fantastic player and an even greater person. Gone but not forgotten.


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