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Thoughts and Analysis of the Legendary Update

triangletriangle Posts: 425
So I'd just like to give my thoughts on the new "legendary" update, that is indeed turning out to be quite legendary (hohoho! See what I did there? ;)). Anyway, please note that I will be going fairly into the abstract here, so if you don't yet know what this update entails, I suggest you look that up first. I'm sure there's plenty of people ready to tell you.
So in every game, there is a curve. That curve, describes the point of perfect balance for the costs of all game features. Features that lie above that curve can not be sustainably performed for ever. (Example: it is very difficult for a low level player to send out attacks continuously. Sooner or later you'll have to stop in order to gather more tools and troops.) Features that like below this curve can be performed sustainably. (Example: it's usually possible to continuously bash on RBCs, while still gaining troops and tools.)
Generally in this game, the placement of features can be shifted, depending upon if one spends rubies on them or not, with, blade coast, berimond, any player vs player competition being notable examples of features that shift from the upper side of the curve to the lower depending upon how many rubies are spent on them.
Now, this new update can, in my mind, be best described by GGS taking one of the core, core mechanics; one on which most if not all other game features rely upon, and attaching a rocket to it's back, and then shooting that rocket off into outer space. In other words, not only did they move this core mechanic (the ability to build buildings) an unheard of distance over the curve, but that mechanic also dragged most other game features with it, meaning that there is now a HUGE discrepancy between the costs of actions, and the benefits of that action, to the point where at certain stages it is literally impossible for a player to pay the costs, and yet requires the benefits of the action in order to proceed in the game.

Now, unlike what many seem to believe, I don't actually think this was simply an attempt to extract rubies out of us. The early descriptions of the update sounded great, and usually when you get as many bugs as you have with this update, along with no new pictures for new building levels, it means that a lot of the features where thrown in late. I think the reason why rubies are now more essential than ever, is simply because as mentioned previously, they have the power to shift the placement of features across the curve, and the main problem with this update is simply that a whole bunch of essential mechanics have been pushed onto the upper side thereof. Moving them back down requires rubies because that's the only balancing mechanic GGS cared to add to the game.

Now the all important question: how do we fix this mess? Well, I would have two solutions. Either you move the mechanics back in the direction where they used to be (basically, reverse the update completely), or you move the curve up to meet the new demands. The second option would probably entail a great deal of inflation in terms of resources being produced and consumed, so I would recommend a mixture of the two. In other words, drastically reduce the amounts of "special" resources required to be more like, at most 500-600 for a lvl4 keep, and 2-3 for day-to-day buildings, while at the same time introducing features that allow players to gain special resources outside of their respective kingdoms (you know, so you can actually get to the kingdoms). For instance, make RBCs distribute special resources as loot, have events drop special resources, and have luna and others sell special resources on a monthly basis. Lastly, this update definitely requires a major overhaul of the resource transportation system on all levels, although I believe others have already covered that part in greater detail than I ever could.
My Thoughts:
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Thoughts on the Legendary Update

Achieved title of "the terrible", on the 8th of August 2014, without buying rubies, and while playing in an independent alliance.

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