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Goodgame E-Nomics What is a Ruby Worth? Is it worth IT?

Dave the Great7 (US1)Dave the Great7 (US1) US1 Posts: 121
edited 19.11.2014 in Alliance News & Diplomacy
At a basic level a ruby is worth 1/10 of a penny U.S.
Add in Ruby Sales 100% where I buy most of my Rubies you are looking at a ruby for 1/20th a penny. I realize there are slight variations to these economics but for the sake of this post we will use the 1/10th of a penny valuation.

New offer in my box
One Level 6 gem for 49,000 Rubies Cost US $49 Ruby Sale you can get close for $19.99
So a level 6 Gem Special offer anywhere from $23 to $49
A decent Attack Armorer Tools 4-6k rubies from $3 to $5 Dollars
Ruby Tools 2-4k rubies from $1.50 to 3 Dollars per attack
Fires out in your OP 10k rubies $9.99 per op
Level 2 Stables 8900 Rubies $8.90
Level 3 Stables 13,900 Rubies $13.90
Defence Package 18,900 Rubies $18.90
Random Gems 11900 Rubies $11.90
Level 4 Gem Pack 17500 Rubies $17.50
Coal 10,000 4600 Rubies $4.60
Olive Oil 500 390 Rubies $.04
Glass 500 540 Rubies $.05

Of Course this is a limited list and the actual prices can be half of this or even less depending on the discount offer available but the reality is that I could have bought a new I-phone with the money I spent on GGE in the last 3 months. War is expensive , Buildings are expensive for a pixel game that is destined to be replaced. Having real issues justifying my spending on this game. Hyper Inflation is at work here with completely random offers. Havent even gotten into the cost of the God Commanders.
All Thoughts are welcome again these are real loose numbers based on the 4700 rubies for $4.99 base price.
Dave the Great7 @ usa 1
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