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Discussion: Become a Legend



  • Lord Roj (GB1)Lord Roj (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,125
    edited 14.11.2014
    dp0360 wrote: »
    This update took toll of my troops....
    please do something as soon as possible....

    The update hasn't happened yet, try logging in again and then contact support.
    Lord Roj @ en 1
  • sudu (IN1)sudu (IN1) IN1 Posts: 185
    edited 14.11.2014
    Sounds great..!! But lets wait and see, how it goes :)
    sudu @ in 1
  • therealsporer (US1)therealsporer (US1) Posts: 2,266
    edited 14.11.2014
    The question we have all been asking ourselves:
    Once a player becomes legendary: can my commander wear him as a hat?
    therealsporer @ usa 1
    the realerest.

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    Proud nothing.
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  • obi wan Kenobi3obi wan Kenobi3 Posts: 34
    edited 14.11.2014
    will we be able to expand castles in green farther to fit in the new iron buildings or do i need to get rid of some of the dec items i have ?
    obi wan Kenobi @ en 1
  • Lord Roj (GB1)Lord Roj (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,125
    edited 14.11.2014
    will we be able to expand castles in green farther to fit in the new iron buildings or do i need to get rid of some of the dec items i have ?

    Please GGE let us allocate one of our OPs as iron and put all the iron buildings in there.
    Lord Roj @ en 1
  • Kyle Ludwig WuKyle Ludwig Wu Posts: 1,053
    edited 14.11.2014
    will we be able to expand castles in green farther to fit in the new iron buildings or do i need to get rid of some of the dec items i have ?

    The main castle in green definitely need an expansion, too much stuffs yet too little space.
    BSK-75 @ en 1

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  • JackelKight (US1)JackelKight (US1) Posts: 533
    edited 14.11.2014
    MrKenneth2 wrote: »
    To everyone in GGS whom it may concern

    I think it is time to understand that there are many nice girls participating this game.
    Please, honor them to be Queens etc. instead of Kings.
    It should be rather easy to let everyone declare there sex/gender.


    so you think that maybe they can then just select the gender at the beginning of the game and then use it to change the titles o that it be more feminized or masculine that way, so if a tittle have another version based on gender. Then there might be the changes to the quest where for the ladies instead of rescuing princess (past saving you sister one) they be rescuing princes instead. (that may let them bring that one prince back since they replace his quests with the sister ones)

    of course when they update t and add it in if they going to they going to need to send a mass message with the link to be able to choice which gender you be fir the players already playing.
    The main castles in green definitely need an expansion, too much stuffs yet too little space.
    agree with you there 100%

    just thought of something recently since we going to be using charcoal, olive oil, and glass for building these new buildings why not add rvs for each of these resources in their respective kingdoms, and if all the buildings that we can build with them can only be built once we have reached the legend levels then we might just add a upgrade for the loot warehouse that requires to be a certain legend level before being upgraded and the special resources rvs can only be captured by those with the upgraded loot warehouse. Of course there not going to be as much of them as there be other rvs if we go and do it this way so that way player can still battle over them some. (just a thought though, don't know how good of one but I even made a post in the praise, citizen, and suggestion forum though) http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?125398-specail-resources-rvs
  • enick98 (US1)enick98 (US1) US1 Posts: 359
    edited 14.11.2014
    Since there are Going to be new buildings, with new levels, Is there going to be an expansion to the storehouse also so maybe for instance the new levels can have storage for 100,000 resources instead of 81,000 so that way it will actually be possible for them to be able to hold enough resources to actually upgrade the new buildings. also will we be able to use the iron ore towards the colossus?
    enick98 @ USA1
    "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" Some famous person had to have quoted this sometime in the past.
  • KevinQ_22 (US1)KevinQ_22 (US1) US1 Posts: 157
    edited 14.11.2014
    I am sure all the multi folks love the ability to ship all resources to themselves.
    Head Brewmaster for The Dream Team
  • Bambinol (US1)Bambinol (US1) US1 Posts: 42
    edited 14.11.2014
    thank you for the good workicon14.png
    sgt Bambino

  • nathan372nathan372 Posts: 466
    edited 14.11.2014
    Sounds cool, but some detail on what youu can use the kingdom resources for if you ship them. also, what could iron ore be used for? Im guessing its going to be needed to build some of those new level 70 buildings?
    nathan372 @ usa 1


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  • longshankslongshanks Posts: 934
    edited 14.11.2014
    As with any GGE update, I recommend you never get excited. There will be several issues that need to be resolved before it works (the rule of 3).

    There is very little information to comment on at this time. There are very few specifics about the building upgrades at this time. No examples were given.

    One thing I do not like: the ability to trade charcoal/iron ore/glass, etc. This is a bad idea since there are many multi-accounts in the world. It's better to leave the system as it is and only allow the exchange of the normal resources.

    Another thing I don't like about iron ore: I don't like the idea of removing more buildings from my castle to make another 2 buildings for resource production.

    How are any of the legend changes going to encourage more player vs player content? I want to see more fighting and fewer player distractions.

    500 legend levels? 500 sounds unnecessary. Are you sure you don't need 1000? Don't create 1/2 baked ideas, it's obvious.
    4/23/2014: GGS realizes that this player and customer won't drink the kool-aid.

    **the rule of 3** GGS usually gets it right on the 3rd try. Be patient.

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  • ninja83702ninja83702 Posts: 12
    edited 14.11.2014
    Sounds like a good update that shouldn't cost too many rubies. I'm surprised by that, most of the updates recently have been ruby suckers. Of course ruby whales will ruby finish buildings, but since that's not absolutley needed, it still shouldn't cost too many. Looking forward to this update! :)
    ninja8370 @ usa 1
    ~War Coordinator
    ~Webmaster and

    Free Kingdoms a proud ally of Kingdom of Nephilim
  • Dun Gon (INT2)Dun Gon (INT2) Posts: 3,656
    edited 14.11.2014
    An interesting take on the level 70 expansion.

    Never seen anything like this been done before by GGE. I am curious to see how it will work out.

    However, I do agree with longshanks on the coal trading idea. Why would we trade coal in the first place, lol?

    Coal can be used by everyone regardless of the level :)
    Dun Gon @ WWW 2
    Retired from duties in September 2015.

    Once Leader of Phoenix Sword and the once prominent alliance empire, Phoenix. Proud member of now collapsed OU. All organizations mentioned above have collapsed or merged into other prominent alliances since. Co-founder of the Force family.

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  • Lord Roj (GB1)Lord Roj (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,125
    edited 14.11.2014
    Dun Gon wrote: »
    However, I do agree with longshanks on the coal trading idea. Why would we trade coal in the first place, lol?

    I'm going to assume it expensive in other world resources to build the new buildings so we need help from alliance I do think it someone the double accounters have wanted for a long time though.
    Lord Roj @ en 1
  • KushUser (INT2)KushUser (INT2) INT2 Posts: 67
    edited 14.11.2014
    There are very less details about legend is shared now by the GGE. But as of my knowledge and more than 3 years of experience with GGE I am sure this time a interesting update is coming which will bring fun back in game. As of now this game is boring for lvl70 players.

    Hope it will be great update with less bugs.
    KushUser @ WWW 2
  • mightyady (AU1)mightyady (AU1) Posts: 48
    edited 14.11.2014
    looks like a nice update it was mentioned that taverns and encampment updates will be possible can we also get an upgrade on the estate, i certainly would like to have another OP
  • SJainSJain Posts: 359
    edited 14.11.2014
    1. will we able to produce iron ore in outposts
    2. Is there some sort of villager from which we can trade iron ore
    3. will this update affect the victory column achievement

    these are my questions.

    This time the update is nice.We see that YOU DO VALUE our feedback I think about thousands of players said to bring back unique equipment and our old leveling of bakery..too sad to say you didn't much valued our this feedback.
    [email protected]@K EMC DOD CHV WITH PLAYER MADE RULES
  • FamousGold (US1)FamousGold (US1) Posts: 337
    edited 14.11.2014
    Dun Gon wrote: »
    An interesting take on the level 70 expansion.

    Never seen anything like this been done before by GGE.

    Do you even Equipment Update? These same comments were made when that rolled out.
    FamousGold @ usa 1
  • jrnedraw (US1)jrnedraw (US1) Posts: 108
    edited 14.11.2014
    Are you going to lose legend points like we do glory? Or can we actually keep the points we make?
    jrnedraw @ usa 1
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