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We need new Moderators!

ModeratorWe are always on the lookout for talented people to join the team. That means you! If you think you could help us organise and inform the community while entertaining everyone then apply. We need people to help out on the forum, behind the scenes with announcements, on Discord and on our other Social Media channels.

If this is something you think might be of interest to you, HERE

Community Guidelines

CM MargoCM Margo Posts: 806

1 - Respect Others

Do not aim your frustration at other community members e.g. through your comments and the content that you share within this community.
Sharp , factual criticism is welcome, but not abusive criticism or attacks on people in a derogatory form.
Posts or comments that are written with the aim of attacking other members because of their spelling, exposing their spelling or grammatical errors are not welcome.
Not everyone speaks the same language . So please remember that the person you criticize , may not have mastered your mother tongue.
Respect all members of the community, as well as the moderators and staff of Goodgame Studios as you want to be respected yourself.
We will not tolerate the following:
Inconsiderate behavior , insults, defamatory or slanderous remarks about others, threats, harassment , vulgar or obscene content , illegal activities, propaganda , offensive behaviour towards other cultures or similar inappropriate, offensive or provocative behaviour, calling for boycots or strikes, offensive , provocative behavior . This also applies to: keys , hacks , cracks and other illegal things , including download pages and " warez " .
This (or similar) behavior may result in a warning or even a forum ban.

2 - Privacy and Anonymity

The privacy of others, even in virtual worlds, should be as much of a concern for you as your own.
Please accept the confidentiality of private messages and email traffic with employees of Goodgame Studios and other players. We will not publish these kinds of messages and expect the same from you. This includes messages from the Customer Support team.
We also ask that no players are ‘named and shamed’, and that players names are not used in a defamatory or derogatory manner. In individual and exceptional cases (for example, if all parties concerned agree to the publication of your name), this point can sometimes be overridden.

3 - Try to remain on topic

If you would like to discuss a topic which has nothing to do with the theme of the current thread or section in which you are active, please go to the relevant section. You are gladly welcome to start your own topic of discussion if there is not a relevant one already available.

For contents which do not relate to the forum / topic of so-called spam / Off Topic (eg pictures / video / Smiley Spam in the non- designated areas ) , we have included a separate section , where you can post( almost) anything to your heart's content. However, you should also know boundaries and not decorate your post with more than 10 images and 3 videos. This only provides unnecessary load times and a deterioration in the forums quality.
Double and Multiple Posts that do not contribute anything to the discussion are forbidden. Irrelevant double and multiple posts that bump obsolete threads or try to derail threads with arguments and the like will be treated as spam.
Furthermore, the mention of product names , websites or services is only permitted if it does not primarily have the purpose of advertisement. In case of violation , the corresponding contribution is at the absolute discretion of a moderator or community manager to either be edited or deleted.

4 - Only Original is Legal

Respect copyrights. In other words: With the submission of a comment you undertake the responsibility to only publish content for which you own the rights to use. The quoting of copyrighted works (this includes uA images, text and links, poems, stories, lyrics) is only allowed if you use short excerpts from them, and as long as the author is acknowledged. Also try to link sources where appropriate. Quotations should complement your comment and not be posted alone.

5 - Abide by Laws

Please ensure that your posts do not violate any applicable guidelines (this includes our terms and conditions) and laws. Do not spread information that you know that is false or misleading. Support your community in a friendly interactive environment and contact the team, if you are aware of a breach. They will gladly take care of your concern.

6 - Your Forum Signature…

…. is your own , personal signature , which appears below your posts . Signatures are not to be used as Billboards or Advertising Space. Not everyone wants to scroll through a page-long signature, just to be able to read forum posts, so please try to keep signatures modest.
We ask you to respect the following rules for your signature :

Graphical signatures:
- Max. allowed width : 550px
- Max. allowed height: 170px
- Max. 3 lines of text (including links) below the signature with a max Font size of 3

Text Signatures :
- Max. 10 lines of text (incl. links & smileys) with a max Font size of 2
OR :
- Max. 6 lines of text (incl. links & smileys) with a max Font size of 3

We also ask that you do not use animated images (GIFs) in your signatures - One to two animated smileys are the absolute maximum here in terms of animated signatures and avatars.
Moderators and Community Managers may infract for violations of this rule, or remove/alter the signature.

7 - Warnings and Account Locks

Sometimes, a mistake can be made that results in a violation of the guidelines. Not every violation of the rules will result in an instant ban or infraction. Each case is handled on an individual basis, and in most cases, only a warning will be given to ensure that you are aware of the community guidelines before posting again. All sanctions are exclusively expressed by the forum team and notified via private message. At precisely this point, the conversation should also remain private. Public discussions on sanctions of any kind will be removed by the forum team. See also the item "[2] Privacy, despite anonymity".

If you encounter a forum ban, please do not open up additional accounts, but contact Goodgame Studios support instead.

8 - Misuse of the forum reaction function

Reactions were always supposed to be a positive feature, allowing you guys to show each other your support. However, recently it has become quite apparent that many players are misusing the ‘’flag’’ reaction, and abusing the function to try to punish certain players they disagree with or simply because they do not like the poster.

A lot of the posts that go into the moderation queue are actually well written and contain valid points, we strive to foster and encourage meaningful discussions, and thus abusing the reaction function is counterproductive to that.

In future we will treat these cases individually and may result in anything from a warning up to a permanent ban.

Updated: 21.09.16
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