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Battle of the Curse | RPG

Sarah1919 (AU1)Sarah1919 (AU1) Posts: 3,817
edited 09.03.2015 in Off Topic
Many of you have heard of the legendary Defenders of the Pub (Worst name, I know!) and Guardians of the Realm (Discontinued). These two events took place in the kingdom of Sessalonia (mostly they did) which was once a mighty kingdom.

But like all kingdoms, they soon persish and when neighboring kingdom's heard of Sessalonia's dwindling status they overran the kingdom. They were not evil; just simply more mighty and Sessalonia is now known as 'Almech'. The tales are long lost in history, many believe the legends were much more bright and happy than it actually was and all that has survived of Sessalonia is a small stone room where popular treasures are on display, including the several charms once used by the Guardians and the arrow that brought Lady Char to her knees. This kingdom is ruled by a happy couple expecting a baby, but their happiness turns to fear on the night of her birth....

A man walks in. He kills anyone in his path and places a curse on the newborn. Nobody knows what the curse did or who he was. He declares he will one day return and then vanishes into thin air! From that moment on wards, the king and queen live in fear; locking their daughter away from the outside world in fear the curse will take its hold.

Cordelia, as the girl is known, one day discovers an artwork in the small stone 'museum' and that it has changed. The picture now reveals to her the curse placed on her and what the mysterious man is planning. She now understands a threat that only she, with the help of others can stop. She writes several letters to men and women in the kingdom.

Choose your character - whether it be a lowly servant of the castle, someone from the army or a stranger from out of the kingdom. Give a brief prescription of what they look like and what their life is like, taking on the role of whoever they are! Then, explain how they receive the following letter: (alter to your character's taste)

Dear _______
I have discovered more about our kingdom and a threat that WILL bring an end to it, if we do not stand up and fight. Meet me in the old barn when the Spring Festival commences. I have chosen a handful of people who can help me. We must stop him!
Yours sincerely,
Lady Cordelia of Almech

Now a few guidelines:
-If you want to be on the bad side; you can, but just check with me first! Keep this in mind: If both sides are planning on winning then we will never finish! The bad guys will eventually lose, even if they have some victories in between so be prepared to lose or miraculously change sides at some stage... :)
-Try to keep full-on magicians and paladin characters (or likewise) out of the story. I mean, your character - We might encounter a dark magician or something along the way so....
-NO SPAMMING!!! You'll regret it! 8)

Any questions? Contact me! :)
Enjoy!!!! :P

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  • Cyclone14 (INT1)Cyclone14 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 11,909
    edited 04.10.2014
    Ooh! I must join! It's too late at night now, but I will.
  • VoidstormVoidstorm Posts: 1,303
    edited 04.10.2014
    I guess I'll be my usual character.

    Now taking bets on who is going to be the first person to spam this thread!

    Edit: I'll change my description as I got an brilliant idea.
  • Cyclone14 (INT1)Cyclone14 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 11,909
    edited 04.10.2014
    The only RPG I've joined was Aidan's Old Republic one.

    JJ. Definitely JJ.
  • VoidstormVoidstorm Posts: 1,303
    edited 04.10.2014
    Double post.
  • VoidstormVoidstorm Posts: 1,303
    edited 04.10.2014
    Cyclone14 wrote: »
    The only RPG I've joined was Aidan's Old Republic one.
    JJ. Definitely JJ.Bet taken.

    The pictures say all:

    http://prntscr.com/4t6x8q (The build and equipped items)

    http://prntscr.com/4t6xgt (The overall look.)

    I'll stick to my old choice as mercenary with sorcery.
  • VoidstormVoidstorm Posts: 1,303
    edited 04.10.2014
    Triple post.
  • jollyjack82jollyjack82 Posts: 6,105
    edited 04.10.2014
    Cyclone why you writing my name in white?!

    intero- bang^^^^

    I am an outsider with mystical powers of darkness...
  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 04.10.2014
    (This might be edited if Sarah wants me to change something)

    My character is Hanzolo, a simple gardner who befriended Cordelia He acts cold and stern, but in truth holds her dear. Before he was a gardener however, he was an Elite Soldier of the King, but was discharged of service for suspected treason. He was since retired to a simple life, but will jump to the call of adventure.
    Lives in a small hut but has a small bunker with his few weapons.
    He knows no magic, but is a good soldier, not the best, but can get a job done.

    Height: 6'3
    Age: 31
    Wears a simple black robe and hood, uses a simple Broadsword and carries a small crossbow.

    Hanzolo returns home to his small hut by the river, and finds a small, simple note on the floor

    "Cordelia", he thinks to himself. Smiling grimly, he opens it.

    Dear Hanzolo
    I have discovered more about our kingdom and a threat that WILL bring an end to it, if we do not stand up and fight. Meet me in the old barn when the Spring Festival commences. I have chosen a handful of people who can help me. We must stop him!
    Yours sincerely,
    Lady Cordelia of Almech

    Muttering to himself, he says "That little devil...what kind of trouble does she bring this time?"

    Shaking his head, a smile forms on his lips, as the smell of adventure flows through his veins. He walks to a dirty rag, kicking it aside, revealing a tiny handle. Pulling it open, Hanzolo lets the dust settle, then reaches inside. He pulls out a rusty sword, as well as a small crossbow with some arrows.

    Sitting down, he mutters to himself, "Welcome back, my friends"
  • Neamhain (US1)Neamhain (US1) Posts: 3,504
    edited 05.10.2014
    *As with other characters, this is subject if Sarah so chooses.*

    I am Neamhain. I never had a real family. Made an outcast as a child, I spent a lot of time by myself. The forests became my sanctuary; no one can out shoot, fight, climb, or run me while in my domain. Instead of scrounging for food with the poor of Almech, I crafted bows and arrows to hunt. At the age of 6, I became the best archer in the kingdom. I befriended the blacksmith’s son at a young age. We often go hunting together. He has forged various types of swords for me. I always carry my short sword and throwing daggers as well as my bow and arrows.
    A rouge at heart, I created a home in the forest where I practiced my stealth. Almost like folklore to many of the citizens of Almech, I am rarely spotted, and even then, I am only spotted by choice. I vowed long ago to help the outcasts of the kingdom. I deliver meat to them, and more importantly, I protect them from the criminals in Almech. Often times, the poor know of my presence by the sight of my trademark arrows sailing through the air to take down their attackers.
    For clothing, I wear leather straps around my chest, short kilt-like leather bottoms, and on occasion leather boots.

    Height: 5’8”
    Age: 23
    Other: Blue eyes, brown hair, athletic body

    I quickly thank the elderly villager for handing me the letter, even though it was her repayment, and duty to Cordelia, for me saving her life, before retreating back to the forest.
    I stare at the seal on the letter before opening it. It’s been a while since I have received a message from them…

    Dear Neamhain,
    I have discovered more about our kingdom and a threat that WILL bring an end to it, if we do not stand up and fight. Meet me in the old barn when the Spring Festival commences. I have chosen a handful of people who can help me. We must stop him!
    Yours sincerely,
    Lady Cordelia of Almech

    “She thinks it will be that simple, does she?” I mumble. She knows I will likely not show myself; I do not know who else she has contacted. I will conceal myself in the barn long before the meeting. She knows this too. And she knows I will assess every individual that comes through that door. But she does not know that only one person can make me join this band of people. And she does not know who that one person is…
  • Cyclone14 (INT1)Cyclone14 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 11,909
    edited 05.10.2014
    (As with Hanzolo's, may be changed.)

    A simple soldier from the cold lands to the north who rose high in the army, Tyr knew Cordelia for a time in his service at the castle. Second only to the General, Tyr had much power in the army, before he was dismissed on a misled account of failure to do his duty.

    After his dismissal, Tyr travelled north, hoping to return to his homeland. Along the way, however, a town's blacksmith stated that several of the passes to the northern lands were gone, covered by rocks or avalanches, and others sealed or blocked. So, Tyr decided to stay in the town, working with the blacksmith, while still remembering the days of his past.

    Height - 6,1
    Age - 27 (May be changed.)

    Tyr is relatively tall and muscular, with the blue eyes and fair hair of the north.

    Tyr's old commander uniform consisted of quality steel with a surcoat, on which was emblazoned the colours of Almech, and a bastard sword from his homeland, with a jagged piece of ice engraved in the hilt, and a unremarkable yew longbow.

    Tyr's abilities include a high skill with the bastard sword, and a passing competence with the longbow, and through his years as a commander in the army, skilled at tactics, and in various cases, politics.

    "Tyr!" Marcus called from the armoury when Tyr returned, "there's been a letter for you; I left it on the bench."
    Tyr nodded to the blacksmith, before going inside to read the letter apparent. Tyr found it on the bench, as Marcus said, and sat down at the table before cracking open the white seal and reading.

    Dear Tyr,
    I have discovered more about our kingdom and a threat that WILL bring an end to it, if we do not stand up and fight. Meet me in the old barn when the Spring Festival commences. I have chosen a handful of people who can help me. We must stop him!
    Yours sincerely,
    Lady Cordelia of Almech

    Tyr let out a small chuckle, "what a surprise. Never thought I'd get involved in the affairs down south again."
    He read over it again twice, before standing up, and going outside to think over the letter.

    The next day, Tyr emerged out into the forge, his sword belt buckled on and his longbow over his back.
    "Where are you off to?" Marcus asked as he looked up.
    "Down south," he replied, "the Lady Cordelia has asked my attendance at the Spring Festival."
    Marcus laughed heartily, "you must be more important than I thought if she's asked of you down there."
    "Comes from a life defending her and her like, I suppose."
    "Who'll help me with my work?"
    "You could get one of the lads around town, I'd say," Tyr replied, waving a hand around the town.
    "When will you be back?" Marcus questioned.
    "I may not."
    "Is the south so luring?" Marcus laughed.
    Tyr smiled in return, "I suppose I'd better be going."
    "I suppose you must," Marcus said, "have a care though, Tyr. The south and its politics can be . . . Deadly."
    "I've had experiences." Tyr nodded to Marcus, before bringing his horse out from the stables, and beginning to ride south.

    If anyone has any problems with bastard sword, I'll change it to hand-and-a-half.
  • qazs2qazs2 Posts: 4,141
    edited 05.10.2014
    A lowly kithen boy walks though the streets. He heads though a ally way. And if you paid attention he never came out.

    In a under ground bunker..

    "Is everyone here!" The boy shouts out. "Aye!" Came the reply. "Then let's get down to why I called you all here. I have recently receved a letter from princess Coedelia of Almech. It states that a threat agianst the kingdom is here. I will be meeting with others chosen soon. I need all of you to gather information." The boy said ordering a bunch of people in the room.

    "Boss about what?" One of the men in the group asked.

    "About anything strange. Are we clear?" The boy asked.

    Shouts of agreement range out as the boy left for his privite corters. He opens the letter again to read it.

    Dear Azur,
    I have discovered more about the kingdom, and a threat WILL bring an end to it,if we do not stand up and fight. Meet me at the old barn when the Spring Festival commenecs. I have chosen a handful of people who can help me. We must stop him?

    Lady Cordelia of Almech

    "And so begins another legend." Azur says.

    Basic info.
    Height- 5'10
    Ocuppation-running an elite spy net work and assaination.
    Looks- Black hair, a bit muscular, brownish tan, dark clothes when not working.
  • Muqsit (INT1)Muqsit (INT1) Posts: 1,433
    edited 05.10.2014
    Somewhat a person, wearing a long, black gown. And with a hood on his head, which is covering more than half of his face. All that can be seen is a horrid grin on his face. In one hand, he holds a weapon, which, was forged from the light of the sun. The Weapon is like a long rod. On either sides it has a mace-like end. On one of the ends is a red jewel, which when exposed towards the sunlight, produces enormous flames where the sunlight hits after passing through.

    The character is known as "Who", its a legend that, his name must never me taken.


    Dear Who,
    I have discovered more about our kingdom and a threat that WILL bring an end to it, if we do not stand up and fight. Meet me in the old barn when the Spring Festival commences. I have chosen a handful of people who can help me. We must stop him!
    Yours sincerely,
    Lady Cordelia of Almech

    *Reads the letter slowly pausing on each of the words*
    So he's back.
    *His voice seems low, very low, he still pauses after every single word*
    *Nods head left to right*
    *Walks to a large cabinet, with piles and piles of old books*
    I must be taking this seriously.
    *Takes out a red book, blows off the dust*
    I must get Ready! Must get Ready.
  • Sarah1919 (AU1)Sarah1919 (AU1) Posts: 3,817
    edited 05.10.2014
    Okay! Cool, seems a lot of people have joined! Apologies if I am ever inactive for a few days as my computer is sometimes removed so i go outside! :P
    Here is some background info about my chracter, Cordelia!

    Cordelia has been brought up in luxury nd hardly ever had to make a descision in her life, apart from which room to sleep in! Her father is extremrly protective of her in fear of losing her to the curse so although she longs to help in the army her dreams are but dreams! She spends most her time in the small stone room dreaming about the glorious battles of Sessalonia that were more blood nd gore than she has ever seen. Never experiencing any battle, she has been secretley training in the forest eith a speciy crafted bow. Now a skilled archer, she has no idea what is in store for her or any of the people she has requested.

    Cordelia is an independent, sweet young lady, taking a big step forward when she discovers a threat abd plns to take action, sending letters out to several people she trusts. Blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Cordelia will need the experiencw of her friends if she is to sufvive! Age: 17

    Happy with all your characters so far. I will be back tomorrow to continue!

    ALSO A REMINDER NO SPAMMING (You knkw who you are!) ;)

    Thank you!
  • Cyclone14 (INT1)Cyclone14 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 11,909
    edited 05.10.2014
    You say you quit the forums, brother. Lies.

    Along the road to the south, Tyr rode for almost the entire day, pondering who the "him" Cordelia mentioned in her letter was, and why he posed such a threat to Almech. Tyr rode through several villages on his first few days, the villages were abundant in this small section of urbanity in the northern parts of Almech. Many were excited for the Spring Festival, and it was apparent that Cordelia chose this event to conceal so many people coming to one place at one time.

    In one town, not as large as his own, Tyr was approached by a rather muscular and strong-looking lad, around sixteen, though seemingly less open than the rest of the boys in the town.
    "Excuse me, ser," the boy said, "Are you going to the Spring Festival?"
    "That I am," Tyr replied, wondering what the lad was getting at.
    "Would you be able to take me with you?" the boy said rather quickly, as if to not be heard.
    "For what reason?" Tyr asked of the boy, frowning slightly.
    "A chance to see further south. Adventure, some of the others say," he said, "experience, I call it."
    Somehow, Tyr liked the boy's attitude, different to the typical town or village lad. Yet, it also brought on the suspicion that the boy was hiding something.
    "Depends. Are you independent?" Tyr queried, knowing that if the boy knew the word, he'd take him.
    The boy nodded, "my parents died years ago."
    Tyr studied the boy for a moment, before asking, "what is your name?"
    "Eric." the boy replied, letting out the smallest of smiles.
    "You have a horse, some arms, armour?"
    "I do." Eric nodded, "I'll go get them."

    After they had set off, Tyr turned to the boy.
    "Think of yourself as an apprentice, of sorts. Follow me, listen to me, perhaps you'll learn something."
    "Yes, sir," Eric grinned.

    Terrible. I must have some things to react to.

    Also, lucky I didn't do pure blond hair for Tyr; that'd be slightly weird.
  • Cyclone14 (INT1)Cyclone14 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 11,909
    edited 05.10.2014
    Perhaps asking when Sarah's online would be a clue.
  • jollyjack82jollyjack82 Posts: 6,105
    edited 05.10.2014
    Well she can see it later.
  • Cyclone14 (INT1)Cyclone14 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 11,909
    edited 05.10.2014
    Maybe, if it's still here.
  • jollyjack82jollyjack82 Posts: 6,105
    edited 05.10.2014
    Scary, the arcane master shall remove it and escape ray's thread!!!

    Panics, runs into panic dome*
  • Cyclone14 (INT1)Cyclone14 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 11,909
    edited 05.10.2014
    No spam. Create a character, even a temporary one.
  • jollyjack82jollyjack82 Posts: 6,105
    edited 05.10.2014
    :( Okay, ummmmmm, I'm a local Shepard. For now.

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