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Small Change to the Smithy Panel

Chris2307 (GB1)Chris2307 (GB1) Posts: 944
There have been many times when smithing equipment where I have wanted to just sell the odd piece in order to get rid of it, for example that rubbish ordinary that's been sat in the corner for the last month.

In this case, I need to go back in to the main equipment view and navigate to the correct section in order to sell the piece. It would be far more handy to have this functionality from within the smithing screen, rather than on the placement screen.

I personally don't sell equipment that often. I don't get enough ordinaries anymore to warrant saving them and smithing them. However, I am sure there are other players who do sell equipment more often and I am sure being able to sell equipment from a view in which they can see all the pieces in one place would be beneficial for them to.

A simple/easy change to add a small convenience. Something like this maybe?

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  • qazs2qazs2 Posts: 4,141
    edited 24.09.2014
    Yes the idea would be quite useful and just this little thing would make the game just a tad easier on people. I would most certainly wish to have this added to the game.
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