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Event Inconsistencies

Eric768 (US1)Eric768 (US1) US1 Posts: 7,183

The nomadic event has been a favourite since it's introduction. It has always given us the chance to test our strategy and knowledge of the game to hit them with the most effective capabilities, and reap the benefits for doing so. I don't believe there has been one complaint about this event save for the introduction when it reset the tower set-ups; since then it has been fine. Or at least it was up until the past two appearances.

The previous times save for the last two have been approximately 30 days, give or take 1 day. This event time is long due to the cool down of the nomadic tents, as they can be up near 75 hours to cool down. That's over 3 days.

Well, the nomadic event previous to this had a run of around 20 days. A 10 day decrease, 1/3 of the event time GONE, less hits, less profit, less enjoyment. This was noted by many players and complained about, however no comments were made on the reduction of run time.

Here we are today, with a 7 day event run time on what many consider as the BEST event in the game. 7 days. That's 2 hits on a level 80 camp.

Now explain to me this, GGE.. Why is it that the Blades Coast, Thorn King, Berimond, Underworld, etc.. Continue to have a prolonged runtime, while you shorten the event that we love so dearly? Tell me that, why. Why, why, why? Don't give some BS about the event being rewarding enough in this runtime. Are you going to give me that answer, because if you are I suggest you talk to your developers and get the real answer.

Look at Blade Coast, and all the other events I listed. They are JUST as rewarding as this event, if not more so. And yet here we are, with a reduction on runtime.

Where is the logic in this madness? I am trying to provide you with some constructive criticism here, so I will say this.. Prolong the nomadic event to the standard 30 days like every other event, and we will stop our complaining.

It's simple isn't it? Hmm, just some simple coding and we could be done with this issue. Sounds pretty good to me, how about you?

So again, the question I have for you is this..



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  • Highness Ho (GB1)Highness Ho (GB1) Posts: 2,763
    edited 17.09.2014
    hmmm. Maybe theyre going for a little and often tactic? Although as you said twas better when it was longer duration
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  • neil33 (GB1)neil33 (GB1) Posts: 1,762
    edited 17.09.2014
    I totally agree, I was going to make a thread myself but this nailed it.

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    SO...I get conned out of rubies and support refuse to give them back. But when a ruby player does the same as me they get them back? This to me is point blank evidence that support and GGE don't give a fuck about us non ruby buyers...


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  • poopmachine2poopmachine2 Posts: 49
    edited 17.09.2014
    This is certainly ridiculous. Why would you only make this event 6 days without changing cool down times while you keep shoving other events such as underground down our throats. The community has spoken, we wanted NOMADS. GGE goes and gives it to us for 6 days...
    poopmachine @ usa 1
  • edited 17.09.2014
    i love the nomad event

    mostly casue you can get alot of coins from the tablets

    but alas theres a catch besides from this

    my army isnt doing good and my caslte is burning

    thank goodnes these guys dont attack
  • Kyle Ludwig WuKyle Ludwig Wu Posts: 1,053
    edited 17.09.2014
    The most successful , and most favorite event GGE ever made, had put it down like nothing.. i feel really bad for them..
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