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War Horns

triangletriangle Posts: 425
edited 08.09.2014 in Players ask Players
This is a pretty minor question, but I've asked it on the questions thread, and nobody seemed to have an answer. Basically, what I want to know is the extent of the combat strength bonus of war horns (the tools), to melee troops. Is it just a bonus to the wave they are equipped to? Does it also affect other waves? Does it affect the courtyard? Or does it affect the entire battle?
If somebody has dome some research or tests into this issue, I'd be grateful if they could share their findings.

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  • deathsweeper (US1)deathsweeper (US1) Posts: 2,251
    edited 07.09.2014
    I'm pretty sure it is only for that certain wave on that certain flank but that is only through observations, I haven 't tested it yet.
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  • edited 07.09.2014
    Fairly sure it's one flank, used them a couple of times-it didn't seem to go through to the courtyard, a 1% boost is not much compared to arrow slits and mantlets etc.. the melee tools are quite rare (lime bomb), or weak, war horn, but hte ranged is plenty and storng
  • Kyle Ludwig WuKyle Ludwig Wu Posts: 1,053
    edited 07.09.2014
    havent used that in battle against player, but did use the thorn king's version of it, and it only add up in that flank that you used it.
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  • julius caeser3julius caeser3 Posts: 244
    edited 08.09.2014
    they give a 1% boost (useless) it is only for the flank there on
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