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Foreign Invaders: Easy Glory and Burning Castles

triangletriangle Posts: 425
I hear a lot of arguments lately, with the reappearance once again of the foreign invaders, about if this event is good or bad, and I'd like to make a point concerning many of the arguments, that are being flung about (often accompanied by a lot of swearing). Please note that I am only addressing a certain type of argument, not all of them.
On the "it is good!" side of the discussion, we often hear about how this event brings us easy glory. This is by far the most common argument in favor of the event, and seemingly also a very popular one. However, on the other side (the "it is bad! side), we hear a lot about how many ruby tools this is costing us, how our castles burn and our troops die. This, too, appears to be a sentiment shared by many people.
Now, all of these arguments, regardless of which side they advocate for, have something in common. And that is that they are purely concerned with how the event impacts our position in the game. In other words, these arguments appear to be purely concerned with if the event makes you, individually, more or less powerful. It appears to me, that a very difficult question: Is this event a good one? has been replaced with a far easier one: Does this event make me more, or less, powerful?
I feel this to be a mistake. If we went by the logic of these arguments (be they for, or against), that the more benefit you get from an event; the better the event, then the best event would involve GGS handing out 100k rubies to every player, for free! Updates are not supposed to make you more powerful, they are not supposed to give you easy glory and make sure your army and ruby tools survive the night, they are supposed to make the game more enjoyable. They are supposed to be fun.
And yet, when I see people making the argument of: "The foreign invaders are good, because I had fun and my alliance enjoyed participating", the other side simply ignores this. As if it wasn't an argument at all, instead of the absolutely most crucial issue.
I would like to ask you, random forum goer, why this is so?

PS: For the record, I believe that the foreign invaders event requires a serious overhaul in order to function more effectively, and be more enjoyable. However, I hold this position due to different reasons and arguments than the ones stated above. If you wish to see these reasons, look through the foreign invaders discussion thread, or my post history.
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  • TimCaesarTimCaesar Posts: 131
    edited 25.08.2014
    I think that an event which is challenging and doesn't require you to have a lot of rubies to be the best, is a good event.

    From that point of view the foreign invasion is a terrible event. It is very easy to burn the foreigners. Most of them have got only 200-300 soldiers and a terrible castellan. To get a lot of glory you have to be lucky that they have a lot of soldiers. Hardly any strategy is required and ruby flags help a lot.
  • therealsporer (US1)therealsporer (US1) Posts: 2,266
    edited 25.08.2014
    Any event should reward and encourage the following:
    1. Activity
    2. Experience/understanding of game mechanics/skill
    3. Longevity (high lvl, well built castles)
    4. Ruby purchasing/use
    5. Diplomatic ties/social connections

    It seems like the foreign invasion does this reasonably well now that they give out lots and lots of free fire repairs
    If there was some method of recapturing ruby defense tools lost to invaders it would have the full circle
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    triangle wrote: »
    And yet, when I see people making the argument of: "The foreign invaders are good, because I had fun and my alliance enjoyed participating", the other side simply ignores this. As if it wasn't an argument at all, instead of the absolutely most crucial issue.
    I would like to ask you, random forum goer, why this is so?

    Even though it isn't an argument, it is absolutely the most important subjective response. However, as a subjective response, there's not really very much you can say about it, is there? So, I'm not sure that it is being "ignored", as such, it just doesn't add anything to the discussion.

    I've said several times that as long as you are having fun, and can afford it, then this is obviously a great game for you. (The converse is equally true - that if you aren't having fun, then you should quit.)

    In among the "I hate it" and "I love it" responses, there have been some measured and thought-out arguments about why this event makes the game less about strategy and intelligence, and more about endurance and resources. Of course the latter can be fun; it's not what many people came here for, though.
    Retired code tester.
  • doom72doom72 Posts: 220
    edited 30.08.2014
    it isnt necessary to use ruby tools against the foreigners. the point of it is to gain glory and so wouldnt it serve much more of a better service if you then used resource tools? is it not better for you if you loathe to spend rubies on them. it is an option if u actually want to win with minimal losses and get little glory or win with huge losses but with massive amounts of glory. is it not reasonable to ask of you then to consider before you actually send an attack fully loaded with ruby tools?
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  • lionidas2lionidas2 Posts: 576
    edited 30.08.2014
    nice thread triangle i think that the foreign empire is a good event but in my point of iew they most add a new ra,ge their 51-60 and 61-70 cause the level 70 are beating us,in the last event i gather above 32k of glory and i didnt become one of the top 100
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  • julius caeser3julius caeser3 Posts: 244
    edited 31.08.2014
    i think this event needs fixing
    i didnt get attacked at all while others got attacked 6 times in a day
    i dont hate the event but im just putting it out there
    except the lyrical content of this song
    and gge greediness

    i am julius caeser level 21 diplomat of titans order 2 in international1
    i have 1671 honour and i am a baron

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