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Description can't post

Eric768 (US1)Eric768 (US1) US1 Posts: 7,183
edited 07.08.2014 in Technical Assistance
Welcome to 7RA,

Our goals are simple; enjoy ourselves with good company while having fun attacking within limits, and assisting others develop to a point where they are established.

Questions, and concerns, as well as diplomatic issues may be directed to either Eric768 or TheBigAK (Joint-leaders)

Pacts: House Of Smokez, Neph Wethebest, N.F.A.C, Watchtower

(end of description)

Now I looked around, and this is no longer than anyone else's description out there. It is about average size, the character count is within limits, etc.. I even tried putting our original description back up which I had copied, but it keeps saying that I can't use special characters.

I tried putting up even a small phrase, and it said it wouldn't work. After logging in and out multiple times I was able to change it to say there was an issue with the description changing, and I have tried multiple times to put our old description which was up before back up, and our new one that I posted above.

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  • Pipplepepper (GB1)Pipplepepper (GB1) Posts: 509
    edited 07.08.2014
    CMs have reported this one to dev team - already a thread a bit lower down.
    Nice description BTW.
    Pipplepepper @ en 1

    No to tribute update.
  • CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
    edited 07.08.2014
    Hey Eric,

    As Pipplepepper has said, i've reported this one on to the Bug Analysis team and they're aware of the issue. Sorry about the problem, but hopefully we can get it fixed for good this time.

    Thanks for the additional info about it!



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