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Hi Peeps!

JeethBOSSJeethBOSS Posts: 26
edited 23.07.2014 in Player Introductions
Hi everybody!

i would like to introduce myself to the WHOLE forums!

this game has been really fun!

i would really like some advice on getting wood and stone for upgrading my keep to level 3, because i spent most of my resources upgrading my gate and wall!

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JeethBOSS @ usa 1


  • war37war37 Posts: 2,704
    edited 26.06.2014
    Welcome to the forum
    If you want to get some wood and stone, then:
    1. Hire an overseer.
    2. Inrease the level of the tower, castle gate ( inrease public order ).
    3. Build a lot of decoration ( will help inrease production ).
    4. If you have an outpost, you can trasfer some resorces to your main castle ).
    5. If you have an alliance, ask them to trasfer some resouses.
    6. Build a lot of stone quarry, woodcutter.
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  • JeethBOSSJeethBOSS Posts: 26
    edited 26.06.2014
    okay, most of my towers are level 2, but since im not a ruby buyer, i cant get an overseeyer
    JeethBOSS @ usa 1
  • JeethBOSSJeethBOSS Posts: 26
    edited 26.06.2014
    and my alliance is using up all their resources on the equastrian statue too
    JeethBOSS @ usa 1
  • Raymondmay11 (US1)Raymondmay11 (US1) Posts: 18,376
    edited 26.06.2014
    Good luck on defeating the foreign castle lords from Russia1 server!
    Raymondmay11 @ usa 1


  • hardyboysfan3hardyboysfan3 Posts: 1,108
    edited 27.06.2014
    Hiya welcome! Tips: Get resources from building smiths and woodcutters. Also get them from attacking RBCs and your game neighbors. You have to be at least lvl 24 (I think) to upgrade your keep to lvl 3, so keep on earning xp from tasks and attacking castles. good luck :)!

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  • stephen73stephen73 Posts: 7
    edited 27.06.2014
    why cant we send troops to other members so they get to keep them
    stephen7 @ au 1
  • donaldfard2donaldfard2 Posts: 4
    edited 27.06.2014
    Hello I play good game empire.I need some advice on what troops to he and what defensive tools I soul have to have the best dense while being able to attack people. f you need to know to help a level 18
  • JeethBOSSJeethBOSS Posts: 26
    edited 29.06.2014
    im level 24, so i can help you

    you should have at least 15-20 defesne soilders when your level 18

    you should have defesne rocks and tar pitch kettles, if you have enough rubies

    and soem tools that protect ranged soilders

    at the keep, keep some dummy ranged soilders, dummy melee soilders, o r dummy archers
    JeethBOSS @ usa 1
  • JeethBOSSJeethBOSS Posts: 26
    edited 29.06.2014
    also some castle gate renforcements and insulating mats help too
    JeethBOSS @ usa 1
  • donaldfard2donaldfard2 Posts: 4
    edited 03.07.2014
    should I use spearmen or archers
  • edited 22.07.2014
    this is me when you lose your password

    you should use archers, longbowmen, and hailberders( and vetran bowmen and vetran spearmen of you have any)
  • jollyjack82jollyjack82 Posts: 6,105
    edited 22.07.2014
    wow archers there too nubish dont have em only in op's and in ice when u first move there

    to improve resource production dont put down loads of plants piut down deco items

    welcome to the forum advice is stay away from crazy peeps and dont listen to certain advice as they may be a low lvl
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  • Sock_Guy101Sock_Guy101 Posts: 76
    edited 23.07.2014
    Welcome to forums! where people say bad and good things about each other!
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