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Join My Alliance' sub-alliances

JeethBOSSJeethBOSS Posts: 26
if you are looking for an alliance, then why not join my alliance's sub-alliances, Team TRUTH II, TRUTH Warriors, and truth spartans?

the may not look good, but if you join, then it will improve greatly


if you want to join, contact me(jeethBOSS) on USA 1
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JeethBOSS @ usa 1


  • freedomloverfreedomlover Posts: 519
    edited 31.12.2014
    Lol, epic fail.


    Attempting to become the Asia1 It's Organic

    Heckle, I want an essay on the entire length of WW1, from its causes and consequences, Jeeth, you do WW2.
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    go away freedom

    this was me when i was still a level 11
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