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im going crazy!!

JeethBOSSJeethBOSS Posts: 26
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My leader, horustheavenger, has been promoting me and demoted me like crazy for the past week horus, if you read this, please make me war marshal. you make me member, then Sergent, then i have to send resources to let you make me war marshal.its just too crazy, make me war marshal and keep it that way, unless you want to make me deputy. after all, i was the 4th person to joins Team TRUTH!please get 1 issue out of my life! wont you?

if you do= :D

if you don't :(

so think about it!
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  • TannerM. (US1)TannerM. (US1) US1 Posts: 2,695
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    How about you just leave your alliance and find one where you're rewarded on your skill, activeness, and helpfulness to the alliance instead of having to bribe your leader for an officer spot. I don't know, just a thought, don't mind me.
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  • JJ-5792JJ-5792 Posts: 1,213
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    why post this on the forums? a simple message in game would have sufficed.
    JJ-579 @ usa 1

    I save lives for a living crew
    Cant roll papers so I use a bowl crew
    Chug Vodka to establish dominance crew
    Brings Fraternity flag to beach crew
    Every girl is a 10 when you sail with the captain crew
    Park in the mud so I cant take a girl home with me crew
    Live at the frat house so previous problem is solved crew
    Scored Twins crew
    youre jelly of that crew
    youre still jelly of that crew
  • MegWantstoSayHi (US1)MegWantstoSayHi (US1) Posts: 1,104
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    Your leader, in the end, has ultimate power over your position. You should prove to your leader you will try to the best of your efforts to further the alliance, in any rank. Your leader will promote you when he sees fit.

    If your leader doesn't recognize your loyalty and commitment, the alliance is not worth your commitment.

    aidan952 wrote: »
    I'm not talking about those butterflies, I'm talking about THE butterflies.

    You need to watch out for THE Butterflies!
    elita-12 wrote:
    what do you mean by you need to watch the butterfiles

    abt. 27% insane
  • hussain422hussain422 Posts: 104
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    why post this on the forums? a simple message in game would have sufficed.
    He is right you could have found a alliance near you and asked themto join and see what they say about premonition you.
    hussain42 @ usa1
  • freedomloverfreedomlover Posts: 519
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    Lol at this. Luckily, he's in Alliance with fellow crazies.


    Attempting to become the Asia1 It's Organic

    Heckle, I want an essay on the entire length of WW1, from its causes and consequences, Jeeth, you do WW2.
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    so YOUR the one pulling up all my old posts!

    but still, this was my first post!
  • Shark mcspot (US1)Shark mcspot (US1) US1 Posts: 993
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    Lol at this. Luckily, he's in Alliance with fellow crazies.

    Attachment not found.

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