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Having trouble winning attacks

tmm777tmm777 Posts: 70
edited 07.05.2014 in Players ask Players
I am trying to win attacks and have lost every attack that I have sent out. I dont know what I am doing wrong. I am putting the max amount in the front and side flanks and sending specific tools that are very strong. And kabam I lose! I need help, so if anyone has some tips or anything pleeeeeaaaassseee divulge, this is really difficult!!
Thank you so so much ;(:S?(8|
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  • theginjaninja09theginjaninja09 Posts: 56
    edited 07.05.2014
    could you post some battle reports? i could see what your doing wrong because my commander has won every battle hes fought
  • NuriWarrior (INT1)NuriWarrior (INT1) Posts: 577
    edited 07.05.2014
    A common mistake people make is sending out defenders into battle as they think they will defend the attackers. I thought this when I was a lower level.Only send out attack units into battle. I don't know what level you are but you should send out the best attack units your able to recruit. Also, are you using any equipment? Good equipment is beneficial in winning attacks. And don't forget to get a espionage on your enemy before you attack, if you can get a 100% accuracy.

    Those are just some tips anyways, I would have to see a battle report to tell you the problem.
  • ktreenbean13ktreenbean13 Posts: 276
    edited 07.05.2014
    And make sure you know that melee attackers are best against ranged defenders, and vice versa.
  • tmm777tmm777 Posts: 70
    edited 07.05.2014
    Well my computer wont do screen shots. I send 2 handed sword and heavy crossbow. The other soldiers look really weak. Also If recruit too many i start losing them for lack of food. And I usually dont have enough coins I am doing what I can. I know something in all I just is wrong.

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