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Storm Islands Tips n' Tricks

triangletriangle Posts: 425
Well, Storm Islands has gone through its first round, and although some major changes have recently been made, and more are planned, it may still be worth having a place to gather all the tips, tricks, experiences and advice that players may have, so that others may benefit from it.
So, just to start us off, here would be some questions I would like answered:
How many aquas does one receive from attacking each level of storm fortresses?
What is the best way to acquire aqua islands?
Is there a "code of conduct" amongst players concerning aqua islands, similar to the player made rules that affect RVs?
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  • BlacknWhite3BlacknWhite3 Posts: 127
    edited 01.05.2014
    Well one tip is to not do the islands since the updates on it are bad and GGE just wants more money.

    But l will answer the best l can:
    1) Don't really know, attacking fortresses is not the best way for getting lots of aqua but l've seen someone get 1300 once
    2) If you have some nice friends, they can attack an island and then give it to you, but thats on a rare occasion. Since they changed the amount of troops in the island l dont have the best setup for you but do ruby range tools and ruby wall tools and you should be good along with a high range and travel speed commander.
    3) Kinda. If you steal someones island, they will ask you to have it back or you will get attacked constantly, so just give it back unless you can handle that person and his alliance :)

    Last tip: Attack islands at late night since not many are on. So people dont get at the island before you so you can not waste rubies and tools.

    But really, don't do the storm islands. Its not worth it. With the new updates its a real bad update

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