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LoF: Fighters Now recruiting

jlrick98jlrick98 Posts: 48
Hello! I'm jlrick98, the recruiter for the LoF: Fighters. Our ruby players have recently expanded our membership but it's taken us a little bit to get strong members to fill those slots. We are currently at 21/43. That's less than half the membership we could have. I know this post is a long read but if you are interested in joining I think it would be best for you to know what you are getting into

Lof: Fighters has support speeds all the way up to 290% This used to be the max until the newest update moved the maximum up farther. We will get back up there sooner or later.

We take full advantage of our support speeds. 19/20 attacks sent at us are defended against and beaten. Our most recent battle report shows a level 70 attacking one of our level 50s. The attack had around 1000 soldiers in it, but we sent over 6000 soldiers in support and ended up winning the battle.

We love sending resources to our members. We recently had someone building up her outposts but didn't have any stone. She put that in the chat and by the end of the day we sent over 30,000 stone.

As you can see by the LoF in our name we are a branch of the Legionofthefree (a superpower on this server). The LoF is also best friends with the KON (Kingdom of Neph) KON is also very good friends with The MISC. So if a war was to happen we would have good odds.

I will send one more message about our requirements.


We have no donation requirements except that when you are fairly strong and have some spare resources you donate. You won’t be kicked for not donating nor will you be expected to.


To join LoF: Fighters you MUST meet two requirements with limited exceptions. If you don’t meet the requirements you will simply be sent to our sub-alliance LoF: Fighters2 until you do meet the requirements
1) You must be at least a level 40. This ensures that you will be able to effectively support other members when they are under attack
2) You must have at least 2 food outposts. One of these outposts must have all defense soldiers. Again this is all for support. The game isn’t about hoarding the most resources, it’s about having the most soldiers you can possibly have. You get that with food outposts.


If you want to join you must be no more than 100 clicks away from one of our level 70 members. This is to ensure that you get protected the "fighters way" and to ensure that you will be able to send support to us if need be. If you are farther than 100 clicks away you can always move your castle if that is an option to you.
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  • jlrick98jlrick98 Posts: 48
    edited 06.04.2014
    We may not have the massive membership that some alliances do, but we do have the support speeds, teamwork, and friends to make a very successful alliance. You'd be making a mistake not to join in my opinion.
  • jlrick98jlrick98 Posts: 48
    edited 06.04.2014
    We are currently in a fun war with The Jade Empire. We've both agreed to make this as honorable as possible. If you want a good fight come on over.

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