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Eric768's - My Story



  • dominique13 (US1)dominique13 (US1) Posts: 10
    edited 09.05.2014
    youre story is very inspiring I wish you all the best
    dominique13 @ usa 1
  • builderguybuilderguy Posts: 8
    edited 13.05.2014
    What type of archers?
    builderguy @ usa 1
  • KING CROW (US1)KING CROW (US1) Posts: 549
    edited 17.10.2014
    Wiered how hive was at one point the most powerful, and now nothing.. But didn't hive accept anyone?? I was a level 19 and they let me make a detect sub of hive... But wow that was one hell of a server war.
    KING CROW (usa1)
  • edited 18.10.2014
    Wow Eric;Very inspiring story;I liked how you fought and ultimately won.Can you write anything about the fall of H.I.V.E.You know a lot about this game.As far as I know,KON,AOD,DT and other alliances attacked hive jointly.
  • French WarriorFrench Warrior Posts: 133
    edited 18.10.2014
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :sleeping:
  • kingthomas (US1)kingthomas (US1) Posts: 377
    edited 27.10.2014
    Praesentya wrote: »
    Eric - very, very good post. This has always been just a game, and it's too bad some individuals get so caught up they forget that - we all have RL's, we all come here to have fun, that's how it should be.

    As Porky said, 'free of spin,' I like that ;). Post was genuine and thoughtful, and I, personally, am glad that we've gotten to know each other Eric.


    Very nice story Eric and I have been around about the same as you except when I joined Bloody Kings were the power alliance lmao... Anyways i was reading through the comments when I came upon Praesentya's comment and at the end I looked at the
    -Henry..... I was like w8 wut? Lmao... I guess when people were claiming you to be a dude they weren't lying... Totally feel like this right now except reversed... Tried to keep it a PG video clip, but was totally thinking Soldiers Girl...
    kingthomas @ usa 1

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  • wert855 (IN1)wert855 (IN1) Posts: 758
    edited 27.10.2014
    Eric768 wrote: »
    Hello readers.

    I write this in the spur of the moment, but I've planned on writing this for quite some time, though more towards when I was planning on leaving the game.. But I think now is alright.

    This is basically my story. How I started this game, what happened, controversy, betrayal, spies, and whatever else you can think of... You'll hear things I've kept inside for a long time, things that have stuck with me for many months. I hope you enjoy..

    Well it all began as they all do. I joined the game, found it somewhat interesting, joined a small 5 member alliance about a week or less after the USA1 server. No one was a higher level than 25, no alliance larger than 20 members, and the powerhouse at the time was Bloody Blades. My alliance to start wasn't active, though I never thought of leaving them. Until one day I received a message from Bayou76. He was a strong player, a great mentor. I joined his alliance, Just Business. There I met some players named Suzzee, TwinkleToes, Lisa B., and some others.. We numbered about 12.

    Two weeks after my joining, Bayou joined Bloody Blades who were growing in numbers. He said it was for the good of the alliance. He handed leadership to Twinkletoes, and she remained leader for a couple months until her real life called for her to leave. Now during this time, Bloody Blades had a split, and Bayou amongst others created The Unconformed. They opposed Bloody Blades, but later members split from the Unconformed to create Regulators.

    I won't go into too much detail about the history of USA1, but these were some large power shifts..

    Now, early in the game it was tough to accept getting hit. I became a farming target for someone 15 levels higher. His alliance surrounded me, numbering 20 or so. Due to my 100 distance from the nearest alliance member, I was meat. It was at this time that I began studying defense and attack.. At first I lost badly, but soon I began to kill more and more of his offense. One day an attack came in, around 400. I won with 200 deaths. The next day, 250 came in. I won with 150 losses. He attempted fewer and fewer attacks as time went on, as I continued to stand strong. Maybe 3 weeks later, the move castle function became available and I jumped to move by my allied partners. I never heard from him again..

    Anyway, back in my little slice of Empire, Lisa B. assumed leadership. She and I basically upheld Just Business, now numbering 15. After some time, we began a war with a neighbouring alliance named The Agency. To be blunt, we slaughtered them. But we saw it mutually beneficial to join together. They were also a 15 member alliance. So one of their members dumped about 150-300 thousand rubies, and made our limit 29 members. It was at this time we became a sizeable force at the time of the server, but nothing at the top.

    Our joint leadership of Lisa and Belrathius eventually landed us a position alongside the Total Collective Alliance (TCA). Bloody Blades, Regulators, THE MISC, Dream Legion, Leviathan, Team-Legends, The Agency, D8athG0ds, were among the mix. The most powerful force of allied alliances on the server...

    Of course, the brief history is Majestic left Regulators with the capitol, made Dream Team, war broke out and we helped retake the capitol, etc.. A lot was happening around this time, it may have been before the TCA creation, don't quote me ;)

    Then sometime later, THE MISC broke from the TCA, and the first war broke out. TCA vs. MISC and allies. The Agency faired well actually.. We operated as a joint attack force, taking a few targets each night and winning roughly 65% of our attacks. This war was called a draw, told to us by our TCA partners. Later, THE MISC snatched a capitol from a BB sub, and our second war broke out. This was the wedge driven between the TCA. After a long war, BB swapped sides and took the TCA capitol which they held for protection, and joined the side of BB. I still remember reading for the first time in the BB alliance description, "An independent alliance!"

    So our alliance as a TCA alliance split from the TCA as it collapsed. We ourselves became independent. Lisa took full control of the alliance as Belrathius left the game.

    We remained on the sidelines watching the history of our server unfold. Our alliance received generous donations from an unnamed source, allowing us to open up 43 slots. Later, this unnamed source tried a revolution, felt we weren't asserting ourselves. After it fell apart, he, alongside 2 other generals, left to join our sub alliance, The Agency 2. They claimed to be building them up, bringing them up in all bonuses, and numbering now 33 slots. Not long after, we at the main alliance finalized a merge between ourselves and a medium alliance. The 3 who left felt outraged they were not included in discussions, due to the complexity of their leaving and where their true membership positions stood.

    The 2 generals came back, and the unnamed source moved into a large alliance. It was a messy break up, and I have spoken with this person maybe twice since, in over a year.

    Now we sat in a precarious position.. We were in a state of minor rebuild. We took in some members who an ally warned us about, but we ignored their suggestions to exclude them.. A mistake.

    A few weeks later, we realized due to various indications, we had a spy in our midst. Not one, but multiple spies. The pressure on Lisa was intense, and she soon handed off leadership to myself. I had little tolerance for spies, and so we relocated them immediately. They were a thorn for some time after, indirectly threatening war, as if the Cold War, but never actually launching attacks.

    This was the busiest, toughest, and trying period of my time in the game. We were falling apart, I was messaging allies, new prospects, old contacts, etc.. I often sent 200-300 messages a day for about 3-5 weeks. I took a large burden for the sake of rebuild, but it was inevitable, our collapse.

    Our core 8 decided to leave after a vote. Our alliance was becoming inactive, and the 49 slots we owned were filled by 21. So we voted, and moved into Prime Legends, the old PTR PRIME, numbering 24 out of 65 slots. It was months thereafter with a full alliance, where a war broke out with THE MISC and friends. I wasn't a fan, but I was 100%. I was slowly moving my way up in PL, and as the war raged on, I could see the Team-Legends family falling apart. Little action was being taken in our eyes, and I voiced my opinion along with my old core, against the war and for the path of peace. I awoke in the morning with my sand RVs stolen, sitting in the cold... I wasn't the only one, 3 or 4 others were thrown for agreeing with me. I was told later that day by someone inside, a mass mail was sent. I was called a CANCER. Something that needed to be cut out.. as if I was a disease, or a piece of trash. It hurt.

    I found myself a short-term alliance, and received messages from about 10 or 12 people who wanted out of PL with me. I eventually got us back into one alliance, getting 7 of our core 8 into H.I.V.E United thanks to an old friend doing my a favour. (You rock friend who I will not name)

    The others who wanted out moved into various large alliances.

    H.I.V.E United was possibly the best alliance I ever joined.. The activity, the knowledge, and the power was astounding, standing to this day. About 2 weeks after joining, some issues came up in my life. These issues were depression, stress, self-harm, anxiety, some mild drinking, and many more mixed feelings. I moved into a HIVE sub for a month.

    I made a return to H.I.V.E United after my break, and stayed for about a month and a half before I realized it wasn't working do to my ongoing issues. So I moved into 7 Realms, an old friends alliance, and that is where I have been for about 2 1/2 months. Relaxing, playing, and having fun.. So much stress comes with this game, I think everyone should take a break at one time or another. It isn't healthy sometimes, playing the amount of time we play.

    Now where do I stand today? Well, I have reached out for help. And the first person was someone in the game, who helped me greatly.. I will not name this person, but they will always be known to me as one who may have saved my life. They eventually helped me move into getting help from friends and one family member, and it was what kept me going. I can say I am getting better, and my signature stands true in that if you need help, there is an inbox here waiting...

    My current status; looking to rejoin my old alliance The Agency which is named something else now, but I won't share what. I want to restore them to their full glory, give back to the lower levels, and make right. Of course, they are reluctant to letting me in right now, as I did leave, so this is ongoing.. We'll see, but I will get back to where I consider to be home. I just want to be home once more...

    So as you can see, it hasn't been easy. The thing I love about this game is the diplomacy. I think it was and is my strongest tool in this game. Constantly making contacts, making allies, making deals, getting on the same page, joint tasking, joining allies in war, etc... It was something I liked, where as not many others seem to enjoy the process.

    So many times you forget these is another person on the other side of the screen. I really want to advocate, think before you press that send button.. Because during my leave, I wasn't sending out the nicest messages. Not only that, but sometimes I use putdowns to bring myself up. I will admit to my faults, it is part of the process, I do it here in the forums mainly jokingly, but we all sit there sometimes and think. I often seek attention, and I have a lot pride, also faults, and whenever I type things I often think of what kind of reaction I will get. Feel surreal, is this happening? Are they listening? How will they respond? Will they notice me?

    I have many faults. What a cliché this is, but I am human. Listen to me when I say, this is a game, no matter how angry you are, do not take it out on your fellow players.. (Sorry about this little rant)

    Here we are. I am still on "break," but I am becoming active once more, and I am making changes for the better. Now what, you may ask? I have spilled the beans of my story, and my thoughts, what does the future hold?

    Well I don't know really. I don't know if I'll be here in a year, if I will get back to my true home, if you'll pay any attention to this, if you'll give two damns about this, click the red X, not think twice about it, shed a tear, warm your body, shriek inside, feel compassion... But what I do know is, we are all survivors, and I have an inbox.

    So let's talk.
    Your story is like film full of CLimax

    Now a General of Illuminati :)
    Last Rubies brought : Somewhere in July or August 2015
    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -Mahatma Gandhi
    "One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody." -Mother Teresa
  • wert855 (IN1)wert855 (IN1) Posts: 758
    edited 27.10.2014
    why don't u join our RPG story The Battle of Curse

    Now a General of Illuminati :)
    Last Rubies brought : Somewhere in July or August 2015
    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -Mahatma Gandhi
    "One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody." -Mother Teresa
  • Rathgar (US1)Rathgar (US1) Posts: 150
    edited 19.04.2015
    We're all gonna make it brah
  • NickDude (US1)NickDude (US1) Posts: 4,268
    edited 19.04.2015
    Inspiring.Best memoirs ever.
    Bards shall sing about the victories of ours,
    Enemies will fall under Chivalric Lords' towers
    Foes of their Leader will always tremble,
    But his and Chivalric Lords' allies will reassemble

    Every alliance must have 3 things: loyalty,rules and right to vote. Without them,it is not an alliance. It's anarchy.

    ~Sandravlc of Aragonsland Empire,Leader of Chivalric Lords alliance. Leader serves,not rules.~
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  • Lord MicahVILord MicahVI Posts: 140
    edited 24.04.2015
    Eric, will you give me a hug?


  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    edited 03.05.2015
    Eric, will you give me a hug?

    no. :p
  • edited 04.05.2015
    Graycat3 wrote: »
    no. :p

    can YOU give me a hug?
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    ben3211232 wrote: »


    (10 characters)
    ok...... proceeds to throw a turnip at eric
  • пиппип Posts: 35
    edited 06.05.2015
    Wish you all the best. You'vedone what many cannot do :)
    Proud Leader of Mizuho.
    Level 31, Vice Duke.
  • Mr.assassin2 (US1)Mr.assassin2 (US1) Posts: 1,647
    edited 13.05.2015
    Bump in memory of eric lol..

    Founder of Camelot Beasts.

  • Astraa009 (INT1)Astraa009 (INT1) Posts: 2,087
    edited 13.05.2015
    What happened to eric?
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