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Ruby Payment Page

JohnnyRomanceJohnnyRomance Posts: 254
edited 15.12.2013 in Technical Assistance
I tried buying rubies today and none of the buttons on the payment page respond to being clicked. Is anyone else having this issue? Am I not being allowed to buy rubies?
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  • Urúvion (US1)Urúvion (US1) Posts: 13,858
    edited 15.12.2013
    NO, GGS would never not let you buy rubies. It might be a problem with your internet connection. It happens with me sometimes, (Not when buying rubies).
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  • JohnnyRomanceJohnnyRomance Posts: 254
    edited 15.12.2013
    I tried it on PC, and it worked fine. It only acted up on my mac. Weird.
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