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  • you are correct most rewards in the generals inn are cheaper to get elsewhere but your still lucky i get wood/stone /food do i need that you may be to young but the ovaltine adverts come to mind think there gge black book 
  • the other point about new members which i was not going to mention but hay ho many alliances dont take new members or returning players now so they dont get the help they need to progress in the game the simple reason is there are still to many cheats and shell accounts which they have now let anybody or any alliance have…
  • new members or attracting new members is an interesting one we as a alliance do try to take new players and returning players but the fact is 98% of them never stay with the game and leave the reason is very simple new players and returning players dont have the stock of event tools or the silver coins to get enough for…
  • its good there started to do a few hot fixes now nothing mentioned about making the pictures of troops tools bigger yet this must have been a top complaint also have you any idea if where going to see a button again to swith from attackers to defending troops that would also help thanks
  • im sorry to say i must have missed that then i cant recall gge saying anything till much later 
  • what is sad after about two weeks is there only just realising something is wrong well an acknowledgment of the problems sooner would have been helped and to let there mods take all the stick non stop for the weeks to me is disgusting but that just shows what gge are like what is noticeable is that more players are now…
  • i think you guys forget each server plays the game slightly different also within each server there are 3/4 different groups of how they play so any reaction on here from players would be different and then with that any new update should keep all them groups happy the object of the game is to have fun for all for those…
  • i can only say the two points which i mentioned before about the attack screen 1) the pictures of the troops and tools need to be bigger 2) there needs to be a button like on the old screen to switch between attacking troops and tools and defence troops and tools these two points would help many players like me but like…
  • i do think its come to a point saying things to mods is not helping much what we do need is to actually talk to somebody in gge because thats the only way of moving forward now do they even read in the forum just my view but any idea how that is possible ???????
  • i do agree with you there thanks for saying it in forum from what i read it cant be that nice for him getting in game messages as well that to me is way out of order but i do think its come to a point saying things to mods is not helping much what we do need is to actually talk to somebody in gge because thats the only way…
    in Poseidon Kommentar von bazzara (GB1) 12.10.2022
  • well the break down is that then you need to talk to somebody in gge if not thats the main reason things never get altered and actually makes no point in having this forum but private messages should never happen thats not on but it shows there is a break down where things need sorting out and are not getting sorted out to…
  • no its members of the studio that should be getting the insults not you thats why making them aware how unhappy we are and let them talk to us direct and sort it out would be so much easier for us and you i agree some of the remarks are near the bone but its not you that should get be getting it all 
  • just kick the ball back at them they made this mess
  • to be honest seeing how this update went you would have been better just to gone to gge in the first place and let them deal with all this direct and skipped you your got into a position where you think everything is firing at you and that cant be nice at all
  • as there are many complaining about the same thing its up to gge to sort out simple after all there the brains and get payed for those things 
  • how about instead of you trying to work out why we cant see troops/tools in attack setup you say ok thanks for the information i will pass that on to gge and they will sort it out they must be able to try in on different screens sounds a better plan than everybody complaining on here and would get rid of that point for a…
  • well ive had a fiddle with the game and the pc but there is no way i can get the troops and tools the size of what poseidon can in the new attack screen so can you please explain how you get them that big so i still suggest you make them bigger and also make attacking and defending bits two seperate bits like you could in…
  • so again wheres the button to show either attacking troops/tools or defending troops and tools that would be a big help as well
  • i would say my screen is 16inch so what have you done to get bigger screen of tools at the moment im having to revert to moving every thing out of castle that i dont need troops defence troops and tools its the only way im getting half a chance to see whats what but i should not have to do this 
  • its not up to us to alter are computers or screen even buy new ones your game should fit and work with what we have