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  • (Quote) Lucky you. On the NL server around the same time (01:10 NL time), I had to wait for several minutes for a report to appear, or any other server action to happen. Maximum "cogs" time was around 10 minutes, long enough for making a c…
  • Great tournament: last seen January 2015. Alchemist: last seen August 2014. Underworld: last seen June 2015.
  • The hunting lodge doesn't add 30% of your total food production, but it adds 30% of your base food production. So if your total food production bonus was 475% of the base food production, with the hunting lodge it becomes 475% + (30% of 100) = 505%.…
  • Déja-vu... Some months ago I wrote:(Quote) Current situation: Almost everything is still the same or worse... Only the smithing animation has improved. The one-minute lag at 3.30 CEST is still there. The lag between 1.00 and 1.10 CEST is now much …
  • (Quote) There is a complete list somewhere else in the forum, including this picture: (Image) (e.g., chance of destruction max 5%, occupation time reduction max 50%, occupation travel time reduction max 80%)
  • (Quote) In Dutch: het plunderaarsevent.
  • (Quote) It's always been like that. I guess they add a bit of randomness to make the battle outcome a bit less boring.
    in Tower Kommentar von Wiglema 24.08.2015
  • The Dutch server is relatively old, but it has many young players who don't speak English at all or at least not very well. Also I don't think our server is too small for it to have its own forum. The weekly rankings show over 48 thousand players, a…
  • Hey Steve,(Quote) Much appreciated. Now let's hope that first, the team will fix the lag (not just keep "working on it"), and second, they will post some feedback about the issue. So, Steve, please do post whatever answer they give you, b…
    in new bug Kommentar von Wiglema 19.08.2015
  • (Quote) Hey Steve, There is something that you could do. Please tell your team to immediately stop experimenting with battle report videos on the NL server. The server lag was already pretty bad at times, but in the past week it has really become …
    in new bug Kommentar von Wiglema 18.08.2015
  • (Quote) Correct. Dutch is spoken in one of those three small countries (Surinam). And as you mention biscuits... you might be interested to know that the American word cookie is originally from Dutch. Just like a few hundred other words in American…
  • (Quote) That would not make much sense. How many Australians can't use this forum because they don't speak English? Many Dutch players can't use this forum because they don't speak English (or at least not well enough). That is the only reason to w…
    in Dutch forum Kommentar von Wiglema 09.08.2015
  • (Quote) Hi Elliotell, make sure your evidence is complete before you try to prove something, otherwise you might actually prove the opposite... (Quote) (Quote) (Quote) Notice the trend? In case you didn't notice, it's going down. It's going down f…
  • Translation: Once you're level 70+, you can't win any event unless you spend rubies like crazy. That ain't fair.
  • Looks like we're being used as test bunnies again. Some get the old version of daily tasks. Some get the new version of daily tasks. And some get no daily tasks at all. I'm not sure what exactly is being tested, but it can't be a test to find out …
    in Daily tasks Kommentar von Wiglema 04.08.2015
  • (Quote) Sounds like your gem inventory is full, not your equipment inventory. If the button is still red, try to forge some gems and see if that helps.
  • (Quote) Merci beaucoup! That leaves only two high-level achievements still open, so we're almost done. :)
  • Thanks for the answers, guys. :) So it's 2900 rubies for an instant jackpot hit? I remember I hit the jackpot a few times in the past getting 550 rubies as a reward. Now that makes perfect sense. Only in GGE.
  • (Quote) Hi Rosie, How many rubies does it cost to use the jackpot shortcut? I see the button but there's no price mentioned. And pressing ruby buttons to see how much it would cost has already robbed me of thousands of rubies against my will, so…
  • (Quote) Really? Please explain how it is possible to have 2000 soldiers on the wall.