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  • I agree, but I can highlight the text on HTML5 just fine - can you provide more details of which bits of text you're trying to highlight?
  • There are many event based servers. In fact ... all of them except for INT3. INT3 is for those who don't want events. If you do want events, INT3 is probably not the best server for you. If you do want to play on INT3, you will have to wait somewher…
  • Outer realms ? Still happening?
    in Fat Horses Kommentar von BM Fujiwara 17.04.2019
  • Make sure you raise a support ticket with any in game losses, as I'm afraid us on the forums can't help you regardless of how much we'd like to
  • ceka (INT3) said: I do not see the point first then i do not see the logic of the forum where there is no answer to the question.I think some responsible people should answer why there is no event on INT3.At least 1 for a month.If they invit…
  • Windemere (US1) said: No where in this Forum is a remedy for the copy and paste issue in messages we are forced to type out the words this has happened since the introduction of HTML 5 please find a solution. Ctrl-C | Ctrl-V works fine …
  • Yellow kit rewards in the wheel are normally pro mode rewards, and purple in the normal one. However, the yellow rewards are yellow level 1. Can you screenshot the yellow level 9 item?
  • Andrew-_-103 (GB1) said:  op caps are not in the rules and we don't have to follow these rules but most alliance choose to  The bottom line is if you want some things to be out of bounds in a war, talk to the other team nicely and agree …
  • The way the code of conduct has always worked is that alliances who are signed up to them will stick to them when not at war. It's now more clearly spelled out at the top of that page. The only things that are against the rules in wartime are those…
  • Odins were definitely winning the war 1v1, but it wasn't won. The first week was a lot of hard work, and CG were definitely pushing the pace. Week two was a stalemate as Odins were back on their feet fighting. Weeks three and four started to see clo…
  • Paulyte, do you realise you just spent all that time writing a detailed response and critique of your teammate Del, the only person in the thread who was basically agreeing with you? Did you think anyone in Odins wrote that? :P
  • Should be all fixed now. Was a mid-roll out of a critical fix apparently with an unintended "feature" that lasted a couple of minutes
  • Hi all, I'm afraid more difficulties with monthly set item rewards: It was brought to our attention today that players were not receiving one of the gems correctly during the Spring Night Festival.  Instead of getting the Scorched Rock players rece…
  • 280 - Lion 255 - Tiger -5 125 - Cheetah +5
  • I know this is like super radical and totally over-policing the forums and stuff, but this thread appears to be deviating a little way off being KoN v Misc and more on individual players tearing strips out of each other. Is this really still "on top…
  • Does this help?
  • If you're simply "out in the cold" and looking for an alliance, there are plenty that would take people in, there are even plenty that auto-accept new members :P
  • The outpost capture was on an unrelated and not particularly large alliance. It was the third attempt to capture it that finally got other alliances involved, as the targeted alliance was sending out SOS messages each time.