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  • RGL444 (US1)
    I am totally puzzled on this mead stuff. I suppose I think it should be like the food production where you make a set amount and your troops are good for any amount under it. Well the mead production? WTF?
    One minute I am producing 30% and have positive numbers, two minutes later there is a negative usage and tells me I will be in negative in 6 hour? What is this magic formula?
  • Drackor (US1)
    The KL division board isn't being posted and can not be accessed...wth ?
  • Poseidon X Angel
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  • vriendje (NL1)
    al die stomme updates help je het spel naar de kl..te
    ik kan niet op beri dat is veel erger vroeger werkte het spel altijd nu niet anders dan miserie pfffffffffffffff
    gr geert
  • guillermo (NL1)
    about this NEW ???? update

    nothing has changed at all !!

    In the Fire, Desert and Ice Kingdoms there are NO new towers and the one i've had already on MAX lvl, are still the same.

    So can you please stop sending mails around if nothing has changed, is al very CONFUSING  !!!!!!!

    Find out all about the latest Update

    The hard working Engineers of the Great Empire have not shirked in their duty to bring the Lords and Ladies of the Kingdoms new advances yet again.

    New Towers to throw down!

    Across the Great Empire the Robber Barons are erecting new towers. Great edifices to greed and tyranny, now as much as ever you’ll have to redouble your efforts to defeat these evil malefactors and destroy their fastnesses. In the Fire, Desert and Ice Kingdoms the appearance of the Robber Baron towers has been updated to suit the style of the Kingdoms more.

  • fruurf (INT3)
    I will try in English. How do I achieve - a legendary skill innovator ????
  • fruurf (INT3)
    Ahoj, nevím koho se mám zeptat a tak zkusím položit otázku tobě. Vyskočila na mě hláška -  vyžaduje legendární dovednost inovátor - a nikdo mi není schopný odpovědět, jak té dovednosti inovátor  dosáhnout. Dík za odpověď
    • fruurf (INT3)
      fruurf (INT3)
      Co to uložilo za nesrozumitelný text?
  • DevilChuoDead  (HIS1)
    hola hay manera de mover mi cuenta de hispano 1 a word 1
  • ZinZo (WORLD1)
    Apologies if I am asking the wrong person but I wanted to know when will a new capital arrive on the green kingdom on the worl1 server.
    Thank you
  • pixie dust (GB1)
     in regards to storm event still as theres still issues ,
    as i know there was a downtime to fix bugs ,
    1. why can we not build contruction yard still in storm and make use of the extra iteams on buildings that we have already spent valuable time and money collecting in stores ? we have updated or upgraded mains they are useless taking up space and could be used in storm ?

    2.why do we not loot some coins from the forts ,with spying ,wings ,tools, troops still the loot is not sustainable as time on other events is been reduced with speed issues and lack of forts per active players .

    3.why do we still have old equipt that is useless at the shop in storm ,

    4. why is there only relic commanders defined to nom,beri,sam,fi,bc, and there is none availble for storm or general npc relics that can be used for all ?
    5. the fusion / and materials used to do so is useless and serves no point really as its cost on po is beyond use /it is useless after1000
    and with all these super iteam additions to comms and cast .
    you would think gge would of realized by now if all castles need 80/100k like 4 times what they can feed daily with  defense troops to stop 200m200r with all added boost if its old cast with no boost ,
    then why would they not introduce better loot,each hit ?more coins for buying troops and increasing holding food ? like if you can hold more you would and play more if loot was better in all areas .
    its not a case of play 18hr a day if u need more .!! as its a game and not a valid reason to become a gamming addict with health issues ,
    we even still get old gems for hitting towers that are useless with relics ,and win po in ally events that are useless 
    The stores food in all castle =600k and allow added iteams hold more ,then  as if you cant defend  from 1 or 2 11waves even once then whats the point the ballance of troops ratio to your own activity hours amount of holding enough of each ,to do events and defend , outers horizon it has got  all abit ridiculous.
    anyhow maybe you can suggest to the game designers these issues and make changes for all to enjoy the game again before we all take up another hobby 
    pixie dust ;0)