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  • Clan MacGregor (GB1)
    Hi there i need some help, i was battling nomads, i was in 5th then i got pushed into 6th place, i know that with my 8 waves there way we had been battleing 5th and 6th place that i could have easily got 5th place with one more hit on a camp, this morning the maintenence was due at 8:30 at 8:10 i had just purchased kahn tablets so i could get back into 5th place, as i was setting up my attack with the tablets you started manitennance and i feel i have been robbed of all my money and hard work as i am now 6th, i would have been 5th place and i am now missing a holy nomad turtle and 28 upgrade tokens, i put moeny ito this game and a lot of time, i have recently not recieved my kiwi barracks and i know this is why the maintenance is taking place but it said this was going to happne at 8:30 not at 8:10 and i have now lost my 5th place because of this, i want compensating, i would like 28 upgrade tokens and a holy nomad turtle as i feel i have been robbed, and you have started maintenance early, after cheking the times to then go and do it in the last 20 mineuets is a bit of a silly thing to do, i have also not recieved my insignaia tokeks for shapeshifters and been put on the score boards, but really i want the nomad turtle, i have been working non stop for 3 days to get that and have spent all my silver pieces and money to get those tablets, in the last 20 minuets you started maintenance and i have now lost my chance to get 5th again, i know i sliped in the last few minuetd before the server wnet down and i had purchased the tabets to get me back i would have been 5th, but because of the carelless maintenacen and doing it eraly i have been robbed yet again, i lost exta troops without the kiwi barracks, i have not been payed out my insignia tokens, and i have now been cheeted out of 28 upgrade tokens and a holy nomad turtle, please can you rectufy this
    • BM_NK
      Hey, all announcement times are based on CEST timezone so downtime did not begin earlier. Its always CEST/CET but yeah could have mention that in announcement sorry. Unfortunately I cant do anything with your "loss", better luck next time!
  • buba8 (INT1)
    buba8 int1

    i dont have mistery boxes .

    I didn't even get them.......
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