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Daily Quest

I can never finish the daily quest bccause i am not by LVL 20 , because send help request to  Clan can just be finished with LVL 20 !! Thats BULL


  • SoriasSorias Beiträge: 1,418
    @""EpicVenti (INT1)"
    Thank you very much for your feedback towards the Daily Quest. We gave it go GGS. If we receive any news about it we will come back to you.
  • SoriasSorias Beiträge: 1,418
    bearbeitet 30.04.2019
    There we go. Obviously some time has passed since I was level 20 or used all the possible function of being below level 20 in the Outer Realm.
    I was informed by my dear colleague @Fendt that although you are not level 20 you can complete the daily quest by asking for help when you recruit some troops.
    Only the construction help is available when you have reached level 20, asking for recruitment is already available for levels below level 20.
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  • quartett (DE1)quartett (DE1) DE1 Beiträge: 24
    You also can send help request to your Clan for healing some soldiers in the hospital.

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