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Getting Alliance Members

Hello everybody.

I want to know some tips on getting members in an alliance.Where do I find loyal and active players?How do I persuade them to join?And other helpful Information.

Thanks for the help


  • RoseBlade (US1)RoseBlade (US1) Beiträge: 25
    Honestly getting loyal members is a long process and not even likely you may even get loyal members. You may have people how to join and play but don't say anything or they may talk and not do anything. It's just basically luck and strong leadership to gain membership.
  • Asylan (US1)Asylan (US1) Beiträge: 448
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  • benja084 (ES1)benja084 (ES1) ES1 Beiträge: 9,678
    Basically: "Win them"

    I'm preparing a guide on how to make a sucessfull alliance, maybe it will be ready for Januray, then i will have to translate it to english,it'll be very usefull.

    Just remember this: Every country that is a real life superpower, is that because the right people arrived the right place in the right moment, but even though things can be messed up.

    You only have to wait, and see, it's not easy, and sometimes things will be messed up, but if you take the right decissions it will grow, don't worry.


    "There is no such a thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear"
    "To pay attention, that is our endless and propper work"

    "No existe tal cosa como un espacio vacío o un tiempo vacio. Siempre hay algo que ver, algo que oír"
    "Prestar atención, ese es nuestro interminable y apropiado trabajo"
  • Hey,
    Here are some tips to finding good and active experienced players:
    1. Look for some in different alliances - most players think that since someone is in a different alliance, they can't and won't recruit them - not true - I was recruited from an alliance of my own.
    2. Send them a good recruitment message with details about your alliance and why they should join.
    3. Look for players with high might and good glory and berimond titles - that usually means that they are active.
    Thanks!  :)
  • the best way is to hit events and make event hitting friends, if your alliance is top in events more players are likely to join you and after you get some players , you can invite your friends.
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