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  • sagegrn09 (US1)
    yo angel , question here , since im divorced now ive changed my email and want to change my in game name , how is this accomplished???? my x changed the password on old email so no longer access this , any help here appreciated , currently sagegrn09
  • SoccerWarrior (US1)
    can u delete my account SoccerWarrior
    it's not a hot fix if it requires down time - they at incompatible concepts

  • King rasta (NL1)
    King rasta
    January 10, 2021, 00:52 +0000
    Q: What is the exact in-game name of the player you would like to report?
    A: nutelas,ceesm

    Q: Please describe in detail the actions this player took that led to this report:
    Dear goodgame, for the 2nd time I inform you that there are players extorting me and our members for money.
    last time about 2 months ago I also reported this to you and goodgame has not taken any action,
    I am therefore informing you for a 2nd time that you are offering a platform where crimes are committed, offering that and also the fear of our money makes you(goodgame) complicit in that crime.This time I will also file a complaint against goodgame with the federal police. Now it is up to you to make your platform safe for the honest user, failure or not making it safe will have legal consequences, because I no longer accept this. you casually cooperate in committing a crime
  • Drackor (US1)
    Question:   In Storm are the awards for the alliance accumulative as the members build aqua boats, or do we only get only the award for the level of aqua stored ?

    I searched and cannot find a definitive answer.
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      You get all the rewards including the rewards you have already passed.
  • shark (PT1)
    boa tarde

    quero mudar o nome da minha conta.
    já pedi através do suporte por 3 vezes e ainda não tenho resposta
    é assim tão demorado?
    um companheiro da minha aliança fez o pedido hoje de manhã e o caso dele já se encontra resolvido.
    enviei um e-mail para a GGS a perguntar o motivo de tanta demora e eis a resposta deles:

    Obrigado por enviar nos um e-mail.

    Para conseguir Ajuda rapidamente, confira nossas FAQs sobre perguntas comuns.
    Se você não está conseguindo achar a sua resposta, dê uma checada no Fórum ou contate nossa equipe de atendimento.

    Infelizmente, não podemos processá-lo e ele será excluído.

    A equipe do Goodgame

    pergunta final, quem me poderá ajudar e como posso contatar a equipa de atendimento????

    muito obrigado

  • Christopherules (US1)
    Hey, Here's some feedback. Firstly, Y'all asked about our mood. It's not good. Then you lock us out of Storm Islands, one of the better parts of the game. Y'all are probably changing it again and making one of the better parts of the game stink. If that's not bad enough you added more junk to the acheivements and there went our progress. Then there are the truly stupid things that don't even really fit into any logical narrative and are so blatantly stupid that the detract from the game, such as Shapeshifters. Please do away with all your money grabbing fluff and return the game back to it's simple glory. Then there are the blackmails for the ads! Buy rubies or suffer through the boring, irrevelent ads. SMH. If y'all ran the game as it was, a fun simple game, it would be a blast. As it is, y'all keep chasing money and it just goes downhill. Please don't make Storm any worse, in fact, just so you know, the reason many don't play it is y'all made it not pay well in Aquamarine on attacks and it is a coin pit. Put it back like it was and make the coin payout healthy and players will swarm to it. Otherwise leave it as is, turn it on or do away with it all together. quit chasing stupid whims. In fact another thing that would be nice is the Hall of legends needs to be leveled up so we can use ALL of the available settings. We didn't need MEAD and Honey, We need common sense at GGE!
    Thanks for the game and thanks for trying.
  • ereridder Roman (NL1)

    Kingdom's League-Payout; there is again a problem with payout;

    when you grow during an event more than 1 titel, at the end you will get only payout from 1 titel.
    this problem is already a whil and I hear more players about this.
    Do we gone get still that missing payout???

    on this way its not interested anymore to grow more than 1 titel during an event, so its means play not so much anymore and dont but a ticket from Kingdoms League.

    Greets Ereridder Roman
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      You have to buy the league pass for every title you earn.
    • ereridder Roman (NL1)
      ereridder Roman (NL1)
      I was buy the league pass, but as I say, when I grow 2 or more titels, I only received on the end of the event the extra payout (end event) from 1 titel.
    • ereridder Roman (NL1)
      ereridder Roman (NL1)
      Do you have an email adres, so I can send you a screenshot?
      I am sure there is something wrong or a bug.
    • ereridder Roman (NL1)
      ereridder Roman (NL1)
      pitty that I hear no reaction anymore.
      untill now I was buy always the league pass, I thing from how I better dont do it anymore.
      Lets firts play without spend any money anymore.
      (and more players who I know have the same problem and have the ame frustration as I have about this!).

      first we have an agressive promotion policy from gge what give frustration,
      and now this again....
  • 1uplifts (US1)
    when does it come back on ?