Muffins 2.0 (ASIA1)

Played this game with many downs stages and up stages, sad parts and fun parts. But i'm happy where i'm right now. Little info about me, and my empire history I'm from Romania, people call me Ema or Muff. Found this game on google, i started to play on asian server in 2015, i started to play more and love the game after 1 year (in 2016).  I really love the forums, spending 60% of my time on it when i'm free, when i have free time ) So if you need my help, or some question, just ask me in private, don't post on my wall please, i won't respond, and i will delete the question. Or i'll just answer any question on the forums, threads 
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Muffins 2.0 (ASIA1)
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  • Erik da Red (US1)
    yes - I do know about training.   this is not that.   we are 18 hours into the new loot cycle... and this guy in 1st place has 134,702,173 loot compared to the second place holder's  36,021,180.    I don't care about loot.  But loot is the symptom of a larger issue since the bot program really is quite sophisticated.   some folks have it programmed so well they get 10K rubies every 24 hours .. just having the bot hit towers and the fortresses non-stop.

    this guy is a known botter... and has been banned for it in the past