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  • I would say, if you want to do away with the Open Gate, then you need to get rid of the Shady Lady also. All I have been able to do for the last two weeks is rebuild. The next time the Shady Lady is in play I am just going to Open the gate. If you wan tot get rid of something get rid of the Shady Lady.
  • I can think of one thing that might help player like me. They should add a special gate option for a few rubies that you can open or close as you chose. That way you can at least abandon your castle and open the gates when the Shady Lady is in play. The last 4 times the Shady Lady has been in play I have been totally wiped…
  • I have a suggestion for the Alliance tribute section. It would be nice if you could include other items in the tribute you can transfer. If you could move Wood, Stone, Coins, and Rubies, as well as other items, it would make it possible for smaller alliances to join forces, and become one alliance, without losing all the…