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  • I also found one on the yellow striped umbrella at the fish market. And I found one on top of the Mermaid Cafe! As been stated above, please stop putting them on the hot spots. I am still missing one on my flower farm; I've been over it zoomed in, with magnifier, even checked all hot spots - it just ain't there. I…
  • Oh, heck. Thank you both.
    kategorisi Missing duck coop zebra5 (US1) tarafından yorum 17.07.2020
  • Okay, I found something. SOMETIMES, when I click on a piece of equipment, I am told the horse needs to have "+1 endurance" to use it and it shows the speedometer icon that we associate with endurance training. Well, I have a horse that supposedly has +1 RACING. It doesn't say ENDURANCE. So I can't put the equipment on it.…
    kategorisi Horse Ranch Guide zebra5 (US1) tarafından yorum 18.04.2020
  • Thank you all for your suggestions. It worked for three races, then I couldn't place things. I will continue to fool with it and watch for more posts here and hopefully I'll get somewhere! GGS really needs to publish a how-to when they introduce complicated new features.
    kategorisi Horse Ranch Guide zebra5 (US1) tarafından yorum 16.04.2020
  • I have been able to produce items but the USE button is never enabled for me. When I hover over it I get "Horse cannot be equipped with this item." Help?
    kategorisi Horse Ranch Guide zebra5 (US1) tarafından yorum 16.04.2020
  • I'm having the same problem - lobster pools constantly! Always 3, sometimes 4 or 5 at a time. I submitted a ticket, as I think there's a problem in their algorithm. :(