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Bug: upgrading doesn't give XP!

mia111 (GB1)mia111 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 741
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- Bug Description - please describe your problem in Detail: 
Our coop just finished upgrading the timber and textiles factory (level 1 currently) and 100000 village xp were promised for the update. They haven't been credited (village is still at 0xp points) and we cannot upgrade anything else nor donate resources,... The building seems functional (I can produce roofing shingles and ropes) but other than that nothing else has happened.

- When did the problem happen?
A moment ago

- What did you do before the problem happened?
I was just waiting for the update to happen. It seems none of my coop sees their level changed.

- Can you reproduce the problem? If yes, how?
I assume it can be reproduced, but at least we cannot anymore.
Edit3: yes, it can be reproduced with other buildings.

Edit: It seems that some coops got a tenth of the amount, we still have not gotten anything so we continue being stuck (please correct this or we cannot test any further)... The way we upgraded the T&T was a deputy voted, a player voted, the same deputy that voted started it automatically. We didn't do any donation (as the gold amount needed was insane to the very last few minutes).
In case this is relevant, our coop is an open coop so people are coming and going as they please.
Edit2: After maintenance in test server we have in the coop village 20000xp (I checked three times after maintenance, the first time we had 0xp, the second 2000xp and the 3rd 20000xp. I wonder if some coop players have been producing materials? For sure the ones I have been producing have no generated any xp. What is going on??)
Edit3: We just finished upgrading another building (the M&M factory) and we didn't get any xp. We used speeding up (4 people multiple times) so we should have gotten not only the 500000xp but 6-7times that.
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